Boost your company’s sales, increase your employee’s productivity even further and provide better customer service than your competitors with the 3CX Phone System!

The Pro edition includes all the award-winning features of the Standard 3CX Phone System edition but also adds fantastic advanced call features that are geared to stepping up your customer service and ensuring your company stays ahead of the competition.

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Features of 3CX phone systems

The ability to monitor the status of calls

Keep your internal and external calls under complete control with monitoring. 3CX allows you to make changes to your call queues as necessary.

Log staff in and out as you need

Keeping control of the who, when and how of your phone systems could be significant for customer service. Possessing the right staff on as customer service attendees has become essential for quality service offering.

Track call KPIs from your desktop

By knowing how long your staff have been on the phones, you can begin to quickly determine which calls need more monitoring and which staff are under or over performing.

Know what is happening with calls in real-time

Being able to visually monitor your calls holistically is priceless. Keep track of everything that is happening with wallboards that specify all the changes and exchanges between staff and customers.

Get instantly notified when callers are waiting too long!

Absolute control of all your phones is possible! By getting notified when there could be an issue occurring, you could be saving yourself the stress and hassle of trying to fix a problem your customer is currently experiencing.

Keep customer service quality at an all time high

By ensuring that your staff are well equipped to deal with customers, you can be sure that your customer service quality is kept at the level you expect. But in the case of where this quality could be affected negatively, you as a business owner or manager can backtrack all previous call events.


Improved customer service

Improve customer service by screening calls and joining in to conversations when necessary. Whisper to your staff while they are on the phone without the caller being able to hear. This features allows you to train, monitor, improve and grow your staff.

Review Customers Wait Time

Don’t let your customers wait! Review how long your customers have waited in a queue before your employees took the call and see the amount of answered and unanswered calls.

Never miss a call

Your customers can hang up and still retain their position in the queue. They’re automatically called back when they reach the top of the queue. Such a feature with 3CX is of a huge benefit to businesses with a high volume of calls daily.

Increase employee productivity

Greatly increase your employee’s productivity by providing advanced call features such as real-time call statistics, alerts, a selection of queues and more! The Pro edition also includes seamless Microsoft Exchange Phone book and IVR integration.

Upgrade to 3CX phone system pro today!

3CX Phone System Pro is a license key-only upgrade, meaning you must purchase the upgrade from us and reactivate your 3CX Phone System. For more information, give Empower IT Solutions a call on 1300 797 838.


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