ADP Payroll Solution meets your businesses’ payroll needs, simplifies the admin tasks to improve staff productivity. The time-consuming payroll tasks are seamlessly managed by the system allows business owners with more time to focus on activities that matter. This solution allows users to securely process employee payroll data and is scalable to meet the growing demands of your business.

LogicRoster is a workforce management rostering solution that is designed for business that manage shift workers. This rostering solution offers all the necessary tools to successfully address the challenges faced by companies while managing and deploying employees to client sites.

The ADP Payroll Integrator is based on Microsoft C# and .NET framework. It provides a communication mechanism to enable data transfer between ADP Payroll Solution and LogicRoster with minimal or no user intervention.

Why do businesses need ADP Payroll Integration?

ADP Payroll Solution offers end-to-end payroll services however it does not have the facility to automatically include special pay-rates, shift allowances, commissions and staff bonus during pay-calculation. Payroll staff need to manually update employees’ special rates and recalculate the pay-dues. As such, often pay discrepancies used to arise due to erroneous calculations or special rates not included.

The staff shift allowances and pay rates were included against each employee along with their timesheet as part of the rostering system; LogicRoster. Businesses thus needed a simple integration between the two systems that auto updates the employee rates as allocated in the rostering software for successful payroll processing.

Empower IT developed this Integrator to connect ADP Payroll and LogicRoster solution to ensure that while LogicRoster pulled the updated employee details from ADP Payroll software; the payroll system received awards, commissions and shift rate data from LogicRoster.

This integrator enabled smooth and secure data transfer between the two systems and minimised the stress and administrative tasks for the human resource and payroll teams. This integration ensured that LogicRoster always had updated contact details such as address or phone number helping them effective roster staff.

Without the ADP Payroll-LogicRoster Integration, company employees may receive incorrect pay leading to adverse effect on staff morale and productivity.

In Australia, many business need to deal with shift workers and use at least one type of rostering platform. ADP Payroll is known to be one of the most popular payroll systems in the country.

Empower IT had developed this integrator specifically for ADP Payroll and LogicRoster solution, however our technical expertise allows us to integrate ADP Payroll with practically any type of rostering or WFM solution.

Eliminate manual tasks and ensure employee satisfaction and productivity with the ADP Payroll Integration.

If you using ADP Payroll Solution and would like to integrate it with LogicRoster or any other Workforce Management System, contact the Empower IT Solutions team.


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