How call centres benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


Call centre or contact centre as it is popularly known plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. The contact centres serve as the first level of contact between the business and the customer; and handle a variety of customer needs including product enquiries, technical issues and customer complaints. As a result, it is essential for organisations to regularly monitor the performance of call centre operations to ensure all the areas related to customer service are in top-notch condition.

Challenges faced by call centres

With their performances based on CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and FCR (First Contact Resolution) scores; call centres need to up their game if they need to stay in business. Let’s look at the three key challenges faced by call centres today.

  1. High call volumes: Since call centres receive high volumes of enquiries; it is crucial for organisations to ensure the customer issue is resolved in the first go, in order to eliminate customers calling in for the same issue multiple times. This is possible to achieve first contact resolution only if agents are well-informed and have ready access to the required customer data.
  2. Customer churn: In order to stay competitive organisations need to focus on maintaining good customer relationships. Only agents with visibility into customer data can deliver positive and personalised service to customers and build valuable relationships. Businesses interested in retaining customers need to be able to ensure effective and relevant service delivery.
  3. Increased costs due to high attrition rate:  The call centre industry with its crazy working hours; and work pressure suffers from a high employee attrition rate. Call centre businesses face increased recruiting and training expenses as when a skilled staff leaves; the company needs to fill in the position and the skill set pretty fast if they wish to maintain their performance scores.

In order to overcome the above mentioned challenges; companies need to provide call centre agents with the right technology that helps them work efficiently.

Features of an ideal call centre solution

From an agent’s perspective: An ideal call centre solution needs to simplify the call handling, recording and management process. It must offer integration with phone systems to automate and capture call activity. The solution must offer the provision to upload and make available enquiry-specific call scripts that include:

  • visibility into all customer interactions,
  • pre-sales enquiries,
  • products/services purchased, and
  • customer invoices and payment information.

This enables them to provide fast, effective and relevant customer service.

From the management perspective: The ideal call centre solution needs to provide management with detailed analytics about how their pre-sales, telemarketing, sales support and other customer-facing teams are performing. The management also must be able to generate custom reports on the key parameters that are driving up the overall business costs. These reports help stakeholders understand how and where the bottom line is impacted allowing them to address the issue before it is too late.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Call Centres

For efficient functioning; call centre organisations need to identify the issues that caused their customers inconvenience in the first place and try to fix them. This requires thorough analysis of agent-customer interactions starting from product enquiries to post purchase support.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM; businesses will be able to track all the agent-customer interactions, streamline their operations and optimise the sales and service team’s processes. The main benefits of considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the contact centre are:

First contact resolution:  As Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides agents the full scope of a customer’s purchase and service history; they are able to interact with customers in a timely ad personalised manner increasing the likelihood of first contact resolution.

Increased efficiency:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables employees from different departments to share and update customer information. With designated usernames for each employee, the management can easily track individual employee successes and failures. Businesses can use this data to train and mentor staff on best practices. By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for recording all client information and collaborating with each other; the overall efficiency of call centre operations can be increased.

Increased sales: By maintaining all the client data and product/service knowledge base within a centralised location, training staff about new products/services is a lot easier. Access to valuable customer data allows agents to discover upselling/cross selling opportunities while providing service. This drives sales and brings in additional revenue that would’ve otherwise not been possible.

Decreased costs: Overall, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM agents will be able to answer customer queries quickly and accurately; reducing repeat calls by the customer for the same issue saving the business time and money. By automating and capturing customer information into CRM directly; agent productivity is improved. Management is able to make effective data-driven decisions owing to the real-time analytics provided by the solution.

Enhanced customer experience: Deliver precise and relevant information and resolving customer issues in the first go set the stage for great customer experience. With simplified operations and centralised database, agents are able to offer a personalised touch on every interaction creating a positive and meaningful experience for the customer.

Since call centres operate on a tight budget; their performance is in line with how satisfied their customers are. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM organisations are able to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction scores whilst being able to identify and fix service delivery bottlenecks as they occur without disrupting service.

Dynamics 365

Finally, with Microsoft’s latest offering – Dynamics 365; call centre organisations can take advantage of the best-in-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business intelligence solutions via one unified cloud platform.

Irrespective of whether you are a call centre company or have a customer service department in your organisation; Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or Dynamics 365 can help. Contact the Empower IT Solutions team for a demo or proof of concept, and we can show you how CRM can help you take your business to the next level. Call 1300 797 888.