Top 5 mobile device management software

Top 5 mobile device management software

Mobile devices allow businesses to adopt bring your own device (BYOD) and remote work policies. However, these devices must be monitored and managed properly. That’s why you need mobile device management (MDM) software.  MDM ensures all smartphones, tablets, and laptops used for work are up to date, secure, and even wiped in case they’re lost or stolen.

Here are the top five MDM solutions you should consider:

1. Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is the gold standard in MDM solutions. It lets you track and manage mobile devices, desktops, and apps from one centralised console.  This gives you complete oversight of your IT assets and employees.

What sets it apart from other products in this list is its attention to security. Intune is equipped with:

  • advanced threat analytics,
  • device-level encryption,
  • intrusion prevention,
  • identity and access management solutions, and
  • geofencing features.

The latest update comes with geofencing features. Geofencing is helpful as it detects when company-registered devices leave the office network and prevent them from connecting to harmful public networks.

In addition to increased security, Intune integrates with other Microsoft services, such as Azure and Office 365. Intune is an attractive option for companies that run a Microsoft-centric environment.

2. VMware AirWatch

VMware Airwatch is another top contender in this list that provides comprehensive MDM features. AirWatch protects devices with cutting-edge encryption protocols, access management, and geofencing systems. Detailed reports can be created to assist with making informed decisions about your BYOD strategy. Reports can be on:

  • app usage,
  • security problems, and
  • device compliance issues.

While AirWatch is a near-perfect product, it has its limitations. According to reviews, the default admin console is cumbersome and needs to be customised. Airwatch also has limited functionality with Windows 10 devices like the Service Pro and requires you to manually register the device in the MDM database, which can be tedious.

3. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine is loaded with robust features that allow employees to enrol their devices into your BYOD program. QR codes are available on the ManageEngine app that can be scanned or through a straightforward web-based registration process. Great features include its intuitive user interface, which has a navigation toolbar and quick links to help you find commonly used functions.

Unfortunately, ManageEngine suffers from having limited compatibility with Windows 10 mobile devices and no geofencing features. These features are a must-have for ensuring devices are compliant with company and security policies.

4. IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is in the same league as AirWatch and Intune in that it provides detailed reporting, multi-platform security, and selective wiping features – but it is lacking in certain areas.

For starters, MaaS360’s user interface is crowded and complex, so you’ll often be using the search function to find the features you need. Some add-ons like advanced data syncing and secure chat are only available in more expensive packages, which can drive up costs. Finally, sending remote commands like updating and wiping mobile devices can also take hours or not send at all, according to subscribers.

5. Baramundi Management Suite

Baramundi Management Suite includes all the standard MDM features, including:

  • desktop management,
  • automated updates, and
  • data wipe features.

A downside is that it’s not as refined as more established MDM products. For example, simple administrative functions, such as locking or wiping a device, requires several steps to complete. You need to program a specific set of instructions called ‘Jobs’ and then deploy it to a specific device. The dashboard is also difficult to modify and doesn’t let you interact with charts and images.

What’s more, Baramundi Management Suite is missing key features like geolocation tracking and mobile expense management. It is also heavily reliant on Microsoft integration to achieve full functionality. When looking for more advanced features, it makes more sense to consider the other options in this list.

Our top pick: Microsoft Intune

It’s a close tie between VMware AirWatch and Microsoft Intune, but if you already rely on Microsoft services, it’s a no-brainer. Even though AirWatch has a slight lead for its reporting features, Intune’s integration and security capabilities can’t be ignored.

To try a world-class MDM solution, contact Empower IT Solutions today. Our seasoned experts will install and optimise your Intune software so you can reap the benefits of BYOD.