How SME’s can thrive in the cloud

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Storing data offsite in the cloud makes it easy for small, medium and enterprise (SME’s) businesses to house client details, consumer data, and business information securely. Owners of some SME’s may not be as tech savvy as others, and might view the cloud as something that is unfamiliar and beyond their control. However, with a bit of research, they’ll soon discover that the cloud is actually a smart approach that provides a number of benefits for their thriving business.

There are a number of reasons that cloud computing can help SME’s thrive, including:

The cloud is affordable

Prior to the existence of cloud technology, SME’s that gathered private data or utilised networked PCs had to install their own server systems. This entailed a great deal of investment in software and hardware, and the need to employ an IT systems admin to craft a security system from the ground up and keep everything running smoothly. In certain situations, offsite backup was also needed.

Now, SME’s can house their data in the cloud for a lower cost. Put simply, they’re able to pool money with other SME’s who have also subscribed to cloud computing services. They can easily piggyback off an existing service with highly secure storage, paying only for the level of service they require as opposed to a complete setup.

The cloud is more secure

When choosing a security solution for essential data, many people take into consideration online threats such as viruses and malware without thinking about the physical aspects of security.

Since the cloud makes use of a worldwide network of data storage centres, including those built by companies such as Amazon and Google, the physical aspects of security are taken very seriously. Cloud storage centres are usually housed in tightly guarded locations with state-of-the-art alarm systems, trained security personnel, and managed access points. This prevents hardware from being vandalised or stolen. Servers are also shielded from any water, fire, or electrical problems that may occur in a building.

The cloud brings peace of mind

Aside from layers of protection covered by data encryption, firewalls, and other essential security tools, cloud storage centres are operated by IT security professionals who are specifically trained to be vigilant against hackers. Through the use of advanced detection strategies, these experts can find and disarm cyber criminals and malware even before an attack occurs. Making the necessary defensive measures enables SME’s to store data in the cloud without worrying about external threats that aim to penetrate their network.

The cloud is compliant

SME’s selling products and/or services and taking payment by credit card need to deal with specific security concerns and make sure they meet PCI data security standards in order to remain compliant.

One way to deal with compliance matters is through the use of third party services such as PayPal to effectively manage payments and sensitive financial details from customers. Many people don’t realise it but PayPal actually operates as a cloud service. If millions of customers are willing to place their trust in PayPal, it surely stands to reason that SME’s are able to place their trust in other similar cloud services.

The cloud simple

Instead of trying to deal with hardware installation and maintenance, software and physical security, and meeting privacy standards on their own, SME’s can easily allocate such responsibilities to their chosen cloud storage company. This leaves owners and employees of SME’s to concentrate on growing their core business.

When an organisation grows, cloud storage can easily keep up. Unlike older in-house storage methods, which require tedious manual expansion as an SME expands their customer base, hires more employees, conducts complex transactions, and deals with current storage, a cloud system immediately aligns with the changing requirements of the business. The main reason for this is because the cloud has access to numerous servers. And this, plus the reasons above, is exactly why, as an SME, you can rely on the cloud to help your organisation thrive.

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