Cybercrime – The talk of the online town


Cyber attackers all over the world are becoming a lot better acquainted with business networks and internal IT structures.

Who are these people and why are they attacking Australian businesses? They’re international cyber criminals and the internet is their playground. A Cryptovirus has been affecting businesses all over Australia. Businesses that are simply targeted because they can afford to pay the small amount they request of a few hundred dollars. As an IT provider, we do not ever recommend our clients to comply, as there is no guarantee in what the hacker will do once they are paid.

What is a cryptovirus?

A cryptovirus is a virus that enters your system when it is clicked on from a link on a website or from an email that is typically disguised as an authoritative agency or recognised organisation. Below we will discuss what businesses should be doing to ensure they are safe from such crimes.

Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network or ACORN was launched on the 26th of November in an attempt to protect and educate Australian online users from Cybercrime and combat the waves of cybercrime occurring Australia-wide. This step by the Australian Federal Government is a clear indicator that the issue of cybercrime has become prevalent and is affecting more than larger corporations, but is relentlessly targeting individual users and businesses of all sizes.

Can a cyber-attacks affect our business?

Are our networks secure? The truth of the matter is that networks and systems are vulnerable regardless of how much security you choose to implement. Hackers have proven time and time again, that there will always be a way to break-in to a system. So the next question that arises is, “then how am I going to protect my data?”

Just like the answers to every IT question, the solutions vary. In this specific instance, the basic requirement for any data protection, is to back-up your data on to an off-site location. This not only assists when attempting to retrieve corrupt or stolen data, but allows for business continuity in the case of a natural disaster.

By ensuring that all users in the office are working off a centralised, backed-up server of some sort, you can ensure that you are to retrieve your data when you need it. The cryptovirus and other hacks of the likes typically target your desktop. If there is no data stored on the desktop or mobile device, the server can be used as the main access point and instead of looking to monitor several desktops, we can then focus on focal point and keep it protected to the best of our ability.

We have had a number of scenarios where hackers have attempted to steal data from our clients, and through the above simple few steps, we were able to keep them in operation with minimum downtime.

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