Looking for Endpoint Antivirus System? Think ESET.


Businesses are lot more flexible today than they were a few years ago and are allowing their employees to bring their own device and work off a tablet or mobile phone. There is an increased risk with the staff being more vulnerable now than ever before at falling prey to phishing emails and sub-consciously giving out sensitive company information. The recent case of a lost Sydney University-issued laptop that contained unencrypted sensitive student information is an example of the threats out in this internet era.

We all know the benefits of an antivirus system. Time and again security specialists, cyber security firms have reiterated the fact that businesses need to review their antivirus systems on a regular basis and stay updated with regular security patches. Unfortunately, organisations tend to look at their antivirus systems and firewalls only after encountering a virus or malware attack.

If you would like to be different and take a proactive approach to security and implement an optimised endpoint security antivirus system – think ESET.

As leaders in the field of proactive threat detection and protection, ESET software effectively responds to new and emerging threats. The software not only provides protection against well-known viruses and malwares, it has the capability of anticipating new threats and safeguarding your systems and networks against them as well.

ESET Endpoint Security offers a comprehensive endpoint protection that effectively detects viruses, malwares, rootkits, worms and spywares and offers better security from hackers and botnets. The software monitors the behaviour of malicious processes and scans them as soon as they decloak delivering effective infection protection from even heavily obscured malwares. It has in-built data access controls that acts as two-way firewall to better shield your machines and network from the cybercriminals. The data access control shields businesses from being hooked by fake websites and stealing sensitive user information such as passwords or credit-card details and prevents unauthorised access to company network. Check out how employees are duped by email scams.

For mid-sized organisations ESET has created Business Solutions Packages; which is a collection of antivirus, internet security and managed endpoint protection. The software runs smoothly and can be configured to allow remote scanning, updating or monitoring of systems. Compared to its competitors, ESET has a higher malware detection rate with a very light footprint of under 90MB. This means that users are not just better protected but also experience increased scanning speeds and interruption-free working environment. The security firm has received 88 awards since its testing inception in 1998 in addition to its recent PCMag Consumer Recommended Award for Security-suited and standalone antivirus packages.

Whether you are a mid-sized business or a large corporate, you are not immune to privacy breach. Prevention is the key and protecting your systems and networks with the right type of proactive antivirus system is the only way to go. If you are looking for a complete end-to-end data protection software and would like to know more about how ESET can help safeguard your data, contact the Empower IT team; the certified ESET reseller based in Sydney.