How to spot a phishing email

Scam Email

We have noticed that more and more users are receiving phishing emails from random email addresses claiming to be Australia Post. See below:


The notification typically mentions that a package couldn’t be delivered “because nobody was at home” and contains a link to a fake Australia Post website. On visiting the site, users are being instructed to download a file for printing, and once the file is opened their computer is infected. Computers that become compromised usually get infected with ransomware which encrypts the users files, and provides instructions by which they can pay a “ransom” fee to have the files unlocked.

Three ways to spot a fake email

1. The email address sending the email is not Australia Post.


2. Hovering (not clicking) on the links shows that they are going to suspicious websites


3. Your local Australia Post Office address has not been specified. That is, it should usually mention which specific Australia Post Office to go to that would be local to you. Example:

Australia Post – Parramatta Westfield Post Shop, Westfield Parramatta 157-159 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

What to do if you receive these emails?

If you receive any suspicious emails, please:

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