How we as an MSP ensure your cyber security

How we as an MSP ensure your cyber security

Australian organisations are no strangers to cyber threats. In 2019, businesses across different sectors reported 997 data breaches to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). In the year before, there were 964 breaches. Judging by these patterns, security incidents won’t slow down this year either.

The growing number of breaches highlight the importance of developing a fool-proof cyber security strategy. Managed IT services providers (MSPs) can help you do just that, but it’s vital to work with a reliable one.

Too many MSPs are using outdated security solutions and techniques that expose clients and themselves to cyberattacks. To protect your business, you need an MSP that employs a multi-layered approach to cyber security. Empower IT ensures your security by offering managed security services that comprise of the following packages:

1. Regular IT health checks

When it comes to cyber security, MSPs must be proactive in finding internal and external vulnerabilities. That’s why Empower IT conducts annual/ quarterly IT health checks to make sure everything from your network to digital assets are safe.

A major part of these health checks includes vulnerability assessments. This is a process where cyber security experts conduct full system scans and simulated hacking attacks to identify the shortcomings in your systems.

Empower IT then compiles these findings into a report and provides recommendations on what strategies and solutions you should employ going forward.

2. Advanced network security

Empower IT provides a consolidated network security solution. It comes with next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that detect and block network traffic containing malicious payloads. We also provide managed web application firewalls to protect your email client, Microsoft 365, and other web apps from attacks.

Beyond firewalls, we have content filtering which denies access to risky websites. We’ll even monitor your network around the clock for any suspicious activity — like unusually large downloads — and promptly address the issue.

3. Identity and access management

Another element of our managed security services is Duo. This app protects company accounts and data from unauthorised access with two key features: multifactor authentication (MFA) and adaptive access management.

The former allows you to add additional user authentication methods besides passwords, such as phone callback verification or facial recognition. Meanwhile, adaptive access management lets you determine who has access to data and apps based on employee roles and user locations. A salesperson, for instance, won’t be able to view HR-related documents or access company apps if they’re connected to an unsecured public network.

4. Endpoint protection

Computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices that connect to the corporate network are a common entry point for malware and cyberattacks. Endpoint protection secures these devices to prevent hackers from gaining access to your networks and stealing sensitive data. It primarily involves using anti-malware software to scan for and remove malicious programmes that may be lying dormant in company devices.

When paired with endpoint security tools, users get reports on the overall security of company devices. If there are any high-risk devices, such as those with unpatched applications, the endpoint visibility tools can limit access privileges until the issue has been resolved.

What’s more, Empower IT offers a centralised mobile device management (MDM) platform, which can restrict access to rogue apps, roll out company-wide security patches, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices. This significantly minimises your company’s exposure to a host of endpoint threats.

5. Email security 

Email is a popular method for hackers to spread phishing scams, malware, and spam. Empower IT’s email security solution inspects incoming emails for malicious threats like dangerous URL links and malware-laden attachments. The solution comes with up-to-date spam filtering software and uses domain protections to detect anyone attempting to spoof company email addresses.

Email security even encrypts outbound messages and lets you set policies that prevent employees from sending sensitive information to external domains. Plus, with Empower IT’s web application firewalls and MFA tools, your email servers and accounts will be out of harm’s way.

6. Security awareness training

Failing to address the human element of cyber security is where most MSPs fail, but Empower IT doesn’t make this mistake. We assist businesses with developing an effective security awareness training program. We’ll create customised lesson plans, provide materials for workshops, and measure the staff’s security awareness.

Training sessions teach employees good password hygiene, accessing secure network, safe data sharing, and recognising online scams. We’ll also simulate phishing attacks and arrange quizzes to test whether employees have retained critical information.

7. Rapid incident response

Despite these security measures, there’s still a slim chance that a security incident may occur. If it does, Empower IT can ensure your business is fully prepared by putting in place a security incident response plan for your business.

We’ll cover every step, including incident identification, containment, eradication, and recovery. Our team will back up your data in the cloud so you can recover from ransomware or any major data loss incident. More importantly, we’ll help your business report the incident to OAIC and affected parties for you to stay compliant with business regulations.

Cyber security incidents have devastating economic impacts on your business, and their effects can ripple for years. Costs related to reputation damage, legal penalties, and productivity loss will ruin your company unless you’ve taken the necessary precautions. Empower IT Solutions is one of Australia’s top MSPs that’s best equipped to handle your cyber security problems. Inquire about our managed security services today to prepare your business for any cyber threat.