Field Assessors reduce operational costs with Resco CRM

Resco CRM for field assessors

Always out on the road, field assessors indeed have a tough job. Field assessors need to efficiently determine the current value of a property or asset via field inspections, structural measurements, appreciation/depreciation analysis and calculations. Post the assessment, field assessors need to be able to effectively explain these values to the property/asset owner. Finally, they must maintain detailed records of their calculations and analysis; to defend any appeased assessments at public hearings.

To be able to successfully carry out their day-to-day operations they need a tool that would provide easy accessibility to requested information; as well as record their findings and analysis along with the customer/owner’s signature.

Resco CRM is a mobile client developed specially for field service people; that provides the field workers access to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM data from their mobile and tablet devices without the need to install any additional middleware or server components. Developed for businesses of all sizes; Resco Mobile CRM aims to assist field staff better organise their day-to-day activities and information about clients and customers.

Resco CRM for Field Assessors

With Resco Mobile CRM users are provided with the ability to add custom entities and rules depending on business objectives; thereby providing field assessors the ability to dynamically modify or validate their form data depending on input values. Additionally, it provides assessors the ability to record email, phone calls and chat communications with their clients and customers; safeguarding the company against risk of litigation.

Field assessors are tasked with preparing and maintaining data on assessed property including amps of boundaries, inventories of land/structure, characteristics of the asset with photos, audio and videos evidences. Resco CRM provides mobile users with a complete CRM application; including the ability to instantly capture photos and media and attach it as part of the assessment record. The geocoding functionality offered by Resco translates addresses to GPS coordinates providing users with access to maps when requested.

Resco CRM’s integration with SharePoint provides field staff access to the company documents and manuals that is required for staff to proficiently complete their job responsibilities. Resco CRM safeguards business information by offering data accessibility via an encrypted database. Additionally, organisations are able to set up access rights, lock the application or remotely wipe data from the device using the mobile application management functionality. Furthermore, Resco CRM provides access to data even in offline mode which is one of the biggest concerns for field staff working in remote locations.

Organisational benefits offered by Resco CRM

With the Resco CRM; all the assessment forms and customer reports can be digitised thus eliminating the need to carry tine of paper forms and manuals. Resco CRM offers a route planner allowing field assessors to create an optimal route plan for site visits; reducing travel times.

Field assessors can easily share information with management and/or back-office staff via their Resco CRM platform. This provides the management almost real-time access to the assessment data. Resco CRM allows users to add custom rules/entities to record creation for capturing all the mandate data hence improving the quality and accuracy of the assessment records.

Resco CRM helps organisations get on top of their rising operational and administrative costs; as well as develop a tailored and process-driven approach to assessment record management. Overall, field assessors are able to make to their appointments on-time; capture all the required information and maintain records of each minute detail of their assessment with Resco CRM. As a result organisations are able to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

If your organisation deals with a fleet of field staff and assessors and need to implement a mobile CRM system; contact Empower IT Solutions team to understand how we can configure the Resco CRM technology in accordance with your organisations goals.