Is Your Business Ready For Managed IT Services?


Regardless of the industry or the size of the company, technology is a vital part of business. But it’s also a constant source of stress for Australian organisations. Without warning, servers could break down, hackers could infiltrate your network, or your employees could disable critical systems.

These are just a few unpleasant cases you might be forced to deal with. The ideal solution is to hire a dedicated IT department; but there’s an even better solution for businesses that want to avoid in-house hassles: Managed Services Providers (MSPs).

Managed service providers are groups of outsourced IT technicians that watch over your systems when you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself. Trained in a broad range of IT disciplines; they can completely eliminate your tech problems. If you notice any of the following red flags, you should consider working with a managed service provider right away.

Downtime is increasing

With so many businesses dependent on the availability of networks, servers, and software, any downtime-inducing event; like a natural disaster or cyberattack can be catastrophic. After all, when email, accounting software, and other critical apps go down; productivity and profitability take a huge hit. In fact, surveys show one hour of downtime costs over $100,000.

It’s therefore imperative you don’t let downtime derail your business.

Working with an efficient managed services provider can drastically reduce the threat of such incidents. Instead of hosting your assets on site; where they’re susceptible to localised disasters; the managed services provider can protect your assets in their data centre; which will be fortified with the latest intrusion prevention systems and disaster recovery technology.

Full-service MSPs also store several sets of data backups in separate, failure-resistant servers, providing you a level of reliability and redundancy you just can’t achieve on your own.

Not enough IT staff

Small- and medium-sized businesses usually don’t get adequate IT support. Most of them either operate without IT technicians or rely solely on one tech-savvy employee. Even if you’re a company with fewer than 30 total staff, those are incredibly dangerous ways to do business.

No matter how skilled your tech-savvy employee may be; he or she will never be able to fully support dozens of computers, software licenses, and security updates while researching new strategies to optimise your current infrastructure. Instead, time spent on mundane troubleshooting ends up delaying cost-saving projects like migrating to a cloud platform. And if that one person in charge of your IT is not in the office due to illness or vacation; everything comes to a screeching halt.

Managed service providers are the perfect alternative. Rather than paying (and overworking) one employee to manage all aspects of your IT; they provide you with a team of technicians who specialise in multiple areas including but not limited to system administration, the cloud, cybersecurity, and business process improvement. For a significantly lower monthly rate than a dedicated IT department; they manage your IT 24/7 and foot the bill for the tools and expertise required to fix your issue.

Rapid growth rate

Technologies and processes that work well for a small team often become ineffective and cumbersome as soon as you take on more employees. That’s because you’ll need to purchase additional hardware and software, manage new user accounts, and upgrade your network — all the things that make IT management exponentially more difficult and expensive.

Once your company exceeds 30 users, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Managed service providers offer a fixed price for IT support and take care of additional costs associated with managing your IT; making it very easy to grow and scale back your business as you see fit.

What’s more, top-class providers learn your growth needs; and offer customised solutions that correspond to those goals.

IT is reactive, not proactive

You may think that your company needs only one or two repair contractors; but they show up only when something is wrong. What’s worse is that since their work relies on your IT breaking down; there’s no guarantee they’ll completely address your problems. At most, they’ll fix the symptoms, not the root cause, which means there’s a good chance that the same problem will reappear.

A reactive approach to IT maintenance such as this often leads to significant downtime and financial losses. Ultimately, you want problems to stay fixed; and the best way to do that is with proactive managed IT services.

When you work with a managed service provider, experts will monitor your systems around-the-clock to identify and address anomalies before they become critical issues. This way, your servers and networks stay healthy.

An engaged IT service provider will also take the time to understand your business’s pain points and objectives to recommend IT improvements. For instance, they might conduct risk assessments and suggest data backups, threat detection tools, and encryption systems; to help you avoid things like data breaches and noncompliance.

Security is weak

If you’re not confident in your network security, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Despite what people say about the risks of leaving your apps and data to a third party, managed service providers are actually more secure than in-house teams at small- and medium-sized businesses. As a matter of fact, since SMBs lack the budget to invest heavily on security tools and training, they’re easier targets.

MSPs on the other hand, use enterprise-grade firewalls, data encryption, and threat prevention systems to secure your data, protecting you from a wide variety of cyberattacks. They are also experts in data regulations like the Privacy Act of 1988 and therefore know how you can achieve compliance.

Technology is outdated

Every second you don’t use cutting-edge technology, a dozen potential clients are turning to businesses that do. To outperform your competition, your processes need to be constantly evolving, and that means implementing groundbreaking technologies.

Fortunately, not only are MSPs able to fix a wide range of IT issues, but they’re also keenly aware of the latest trends in IT and know how they can benefit businesses. MSPs will even facilitate everything — from the installation to the optimisation of the technology — so you can enjoy greater productivity and profitability without being held back by technical issues.

Many Australian businesses would pay top dollar for that sort of convenience, but they don’t have to. With a top-tier MSP like Empower IT at your side, you can have full confidence your IT is state-of-the-art and worry-free. All you have to focus on is your business. Call us today to finally relieve your business of complex IT issues.