Upgrading Windows XP – The good, the bad and the ugly

Total disaster

What is the latest?

As a lot of us may know, windows has decided to completely stop any support for Windows XP and Office 2003 from April 8, 2014. Windows XP and Office 2003 could still be used, it just becomes more insecure over time. Which means, that most new applications and programs will keep removing their support until there will be no program that is compatible.

Both hardware and software vendors will slowly begin to stop supporting the old Operating System. Even Firefox no longer supports Windows 2000. Windows XP is slowly following suit.

Who does it relate to?

Whether you use Windows XP or Office 2003 for personal use or for business use, Microsoft will be removing their support irrespective. What this means to the average user is that Microsoft will no longer be releasing security patches and more importantly new programs are unlikely to be compatible with the mentioned duo.

Thus, this upgrade is more essential for everyone that uses the Windows XP operating system, particularly businesses, as they are exposed to serious security risk from external hackers and viruses even if they have anti-virus protection

What are your options?

The options from here vary. As a replacement for Microsoft Office 2003 you have a choice between Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2013. Both of these will ensure good compatibility with other Microsoft systems like SharePoint..

As for operating systems, Windows 7 is highly recommended as it is the easiest transition with long term support until January 14, 2020 and so this option could still be considered an effective long-term transition. If you have windows XP applications currently running and are the most relevant applications for your business, then Windows 7 Professional has windows XP mode.

Windows 8.1 is the latest operating system that Microsoft has on offer. For the average windows XP user, the interface of 8.1 is rather different. However, with your IT provider, you can change the layout to make it like the more familiar to windows 7. Keep in mind that  the functionality that windows 8.1 offers is far beyond the previous operating system. Ask your local IT provider about what is included.

What next?

The situation is relevant to you and you know the options. Now what? As a provider of IT services, we know the importance of running an analysis.

Empower IT Solutions provides frank and informative consultations with the information and facts you need to best address this issue. For more information about Windows XP and upgrading contact us.