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The average Sydney business person likes to think the success of any Australian business is built on the back of our no-nonsense attitude, our willingness to take a risk and of course, sheer Aussie hard work. And they’re right of course – which is why Sydney and the whole eastern seaboard are home to a multitude of thriving businesses.

The reality is that these days, no business would thrive and grow without the help of computers, IT systems and software. It’s when our computers are at their most efficient, that our companies succeed. But when things go wrong, systems crash and software fails, IT becomes an anchor on your business, slowing you down causing expensive downtime and causing you to tear out your hair.

At this point, you call your regular IT person to fix what’s broken. After all, a small or medium-sized business can rarely afford an in-house IT team. But this break/fix solution is not the way forward if you want your business to succeed. You’re already losing money during the downtime while you’re waiting for IT to come and then you have to pay again for their time. And if they are relying on your inefficient IT, for their income, what’s their incentive for doing a perfect job? Possibly very little. There is an answer though – Managed Services.

What exactly are Managed Services?

Any service provider offering Managed Services will take over responsibility for monitoring, managing and solving problems with your IT systems. This means regular maintenance and patches for your software and hardware, tech support and monitoring. You can also enjoy cutting-edge solutions such as VoIP, email hosting and virtual private networks which until recently have been the preserve of big corporate entities. But best of all, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) allow you to hand over the stress of IT to someone else and enjoy more time to dedicate to growing your business and meeting customers. You no longer need to worry about the printer ink, software updates or potential disasters. There are many other benefits to Managed Services, so let’s take a look.

You will have your own IT department

Smaller businesses in Sydney and beyond can’t really afford to hire their own IT department, but Managed Services means you get the benefits without the expenses and inconvenience. An MSP can learn the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure and business goals as well, and can help you work towards long-term goals. Then they take care of all aspects of your IT, from vendor management to upgrades and everyday maintenance. And you get all this without having to take on new IT staff and all the expense and paperwork this requires, while enjoying professional support and no more downtime.

Monitored services

Often, the biggest IT problems start out very small and aren’t even noticed until your computers grind to a halt and you face expensive downtime and sleepless nights. But the monitoring tools detect tiny issues so your MSP can report and fix potential problems before they become high risk. Hard drive failures, malware, logging issues, and update failures are just a couple of the problems that can be caught this way.

Remote support gets things fixed fast

Because so many computer problems can be fixed remotely, MSPs can quickly resolve many issues and there are no extra call-out fees, which saves you time and money. Obviously not all issues can be solved this way, and hardware and component replacement still requires a hands-on approach but this is usually included in the price.

No more vendor stress

When your Windows OS goes wrong or an essential piece of software decides to die, it can take hours on the phone to vendors trying to get replacements or find solutions, even when covered by a warranty. But most of Sydney’s MSPs have official partnerships with big vendors and take over your software support, saving exasperating calls to vendors and precious staff time. What’s more, you enjoy the advantage of a single point of contact for all software issues.

Better budgeting

All small or medium businesses in Australia are watching their bottom line at the moment and a large, unexpected bill can mean the difference between profit and loss. But with managed services, you get a fixed bill every month so you know your exact outgoings. This means you can plan and budget for future IT expansion of staff and infrastructure. Back with your old break/fix cycle, any poorly performing computers ended up costing more than they were worth in terms of downtime and repair costs. A Managed Service solution can eliminate this problem overnight.

A clearer pathway to meet business goals

When you’re working with an MSP and everything is running smoothly, you have a better chance at meeting your business goals. After all, you’re working with an expert who now knows your business in and out and can help install the tech, and provide solutions to take you even further. You don’t only have an IT partner but an expert consultant on hand and their guidance can give way to new solutions to that help you achieve your vision.

Maintain compliance

Many Australian businesses need to meet with different regulatory compliance, or risk breaking the law or losing custom. Most MSPs understand the requirements of these regulations and how to comply with them and so another administrative headache can be taken off your hands.

Improve security

Data is your most precious asset and needs protecting. An MSP will constantly update firewalls and antivirus software to ensure that your network is as secure as possible and remains so. Your MSP can do all this for you either on-site or remotely so that your vital data is safe from theft and malicious attacks.

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