Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus Salesforce – Why User Experience Matters

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Salesforce; both the market-leading technologies focus on enhancing their system for improved end-user experience in desktop and mobile views. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service is experiencing renewed investment and focus within Microsoft and with sustained client interest it continues to be used for on-premises deployments.

Ultimately, user adoption determines the success or failure of CRM implementation. The need to work with different systems can ultimately affect their productivity as well. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the familiar office interface and tight integration with common business solutions providing users with a seamless work experience unlike Salesforce.

Salesforce reserves personalisation to its power users and administrators, while Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides all end-users with easy drag-and-drop customisation functions making it easy to create information silos and studying data. With Salesforce, users need to often switch between applications and email client (in the absence of Outlook plugin). On the other hand, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can stay within the application and perform all their communication and collaboration tasks.

Evaluating and choosing a software is a tedious process for everyone. It includes direct training costs and indirect costs in terms of staff downtime and loss of productivity. Hence; it is vital that the chosen software has a strong product roadmap and is scalable enough for your company to outgrow the CRM software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is experiencing renewed investment and focus with sustained client interest and end-user satisfaction. Despite improvements to the mobile experience via Salesforce1, the Salesforce browser-based Aloha interface is more than seven years old and still follows the tab/object/record design paradigm that has existed since the first version.

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