Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce – Integration with Business Systems

Dynamics CRM & Salesforce - Business Systems Integration

In our previous blogs we have highlighted some factors that makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM a superior option when compared to Salesforce. This post is dedicated towards the integration capabilities of the market-leading CRM technologies.

CRM software is the backbone of an organisation, as tt seamlessly integrates with existing business solutions. Let’s look at some add-on systems that both the market-leading CRM system need to function effectively.

Integration with Microsoft Systems

Salesforce invested heavily in Outlook and Office integration and released a version of the Salesforce App for Outlook. This App is designed for customers using Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Office 365. For the other Microsoft products users can get add-on apps from the AppExchange.

Dynamics CRM has always had excellent integration with Outlook, and they are both Microsoft products. Every new Dynamics CRM release is well aligned with the latest Outlook and Office versions and other Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Lync, Skype and Yammer.

It will take Salesforce a while to achieve the seamless integration with Outlook and Office that Dynamics CRM provides.

If your business uses Outlook and related technologies and wish to provide your staff with the same user experience then there is no better choice than Dynamics CRM.

Integration with non-Microsoft Systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users have expressed lower levels of satisfaction when compared with the Salesforce vendors in with respect to integration with non-Microsoft products.

Microsoft has launched their latest CRM 2016 version which predicts better integration and collaboration capabilities with non-Microsoft technologies that include email marketing systems, pricing and invoicing systems and more.

In addition, Microsoft provide users access to an extensive network of certified Microsoft professionals who can help integrate custom-built applications with Dynamics CRM.

Integration with ERP Systems 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of modern organisations; as they streamline business processes by providing 360 degree view of the customer. Sales, service or any staff interacting with a customer has access to the required information to enhance customer experience. With many mid-sized businesses using Dynamics NAV and large enterprises considering the Dynamics AX platform; integration of CRM system with these two market-leading software is critical.

Like other Microsoft products the Dynamics AX and Microsoft NAV integrate best with Dynamics CRM. However, Salesforce requires an external plugin and/or connector that has to be purchased from AppExchange. In addition to the tight integration between CRM and NAV/AX, Microsoft ensures that feature enhancements in any one of its products does not affect the integration or cause service disruption. The same guarantee cannot be expected between Salesforce and NAV/AX integration.

If you are an existing user of Microsoft technologies and interested in integrating different systems, then Dynamics CRM should be your ideal choice.

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