Notable Features in the Recent PowerBI Update

PowerBI Update

Microsoft PowerBI is a cloud-based data visualisation tool that helps businesses produce meaningful insights and make informed decisions. Like any of its products, Microsoft updates PowerBI with dozens of features Australian companies can enjoy. Here are the most notable improvements in the recent PowerBI update: 

Reporting features

To give users more options on how they can format their data and visualisations, PowerBI added several new features: 

  • New format pane – In May 2022, PowerBI will release a redesigned version of the formatting pane. The new design is more compact, limiting the vertical space of drop-down menus, merging subcategories, and moving the visualisation gallery to the build tab.  
  • Error bars – Users can add error bars on line charts to visually represent error and data uncertainty margins. 
  • Dynamic formatting – PowerBI users can format how chart fields, data, and other elements appear in visuals to make reports look more consistent and intuitive. 
  • Azure Maps – PowerBI lets users customise maps with geocoded information and pie chart layers. Moreover, it helps represent demographic segmentation or a breakdown of the company’s storefronts. 
  • File size update for sensitivity labels – Users can now apply sensitivity labels to PowerBI files over 2 GB. These labels can enable specific security settings, such as encryption, data loss prevention, access permissions, and usage instructions.   

PowerBI Goals 

PowerBI users can also create custom statuses and scorecards in the Goals tab. This is particularly useful when tracking specific teams, projects, business initiatives, or services. For instance, you can customise scorecards to measure the revenue of a new contracting service or the progress of a cloud migration project. 

Additionally, PowerBI instantly notifies teams when a goal is updated. The activity feed lets users know when goal names, due dates, and statuses change, making it easy to track progress and reward efficient team members.   

Connector updates

PowerBI Connector is a feature that integrates with other enterprise applications and data sources to consolidate information in one place. When users add new information while using a connected application, PowerBI automatically updates its datasets and visualisations in real-time. Hence, it gives users up-to-date insights to make informed business decisions. With the recent update, PowerBI can now connect to the following apps and data sources: 

  • BitSight – BitSight is a security rating service that provides security risk and performance analysis. If connected with PowerBI, system administrators can create comprehensive dashboards on vulnerability assessments, network security performance, risk management strategies, and more.   
  • Bloomberg Enterprise Data and Analytics – allows PowerBI users to connect to a vast wealth of information regarding news analytics, market trends, trading updates, macroeconomic developments, and corporate events.  
  • Anaplan Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and performance management platform. With the connector update, Anaplan users can export up to 5 GB of data to PowerBI to create visualisations for operational plans, performance forecasts, and what-if analyses.  
  • Assemble Views – is a building information modelling system that helps with design, construction, and field service work. In addition, the PowerBI Connector update allows users to track dates on specific project tasks and make simple queries to retrieve detailed project information.  

Dataset hub upgrades

PowerBI’s dataset hub sorts and displays all the datasets you’re authorised to access. Initially, it only featured two tabs: ‘All’ and ‘My datasets’. The former shows all discoverable datasets based on when you last visited them, while the latter previews the datasets you own.

Moreover, in the recent update, PowerBI added a ‘Trusted in your org’ tab that shows external and internal datasets endorsed by members of your organisation. Thus, making it easier to find and use credible, high-quality data for creating visualisations and reports. 

More visualisation types

PowerBI added new visualisation tools to help users better showcase their data. Some of the new visualisation types include: 

  • Event Viewer – tracks and visualises device usage and events over a certain period
  • Power Slicer – provides custom filters for dashboards to help users with tracking and comparing specific data points
  • Drill Down Donut PRO – creates doughnut, pie, and gauge charts with rich customisation options and interactive data points
  • Strip Plot – displays each data point on a continuous graph, complete with dataset references and details
  • accoPLANNING – provides comprehensive forecasting calculations, which is extremely useful for cash flow management and budget planning 

PowerBI constantly gets new features and updates to make data visualisation easy for various users. If you want to learn more about PowerBI’s unique capabilities and its application to your business, contact Empower IT today. We’re one of Australia’s leading Microsoft-certified partners.