How secure is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses keep track of their existing customers and track incoming sales leads. Dynamics CRM can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud (online). An online or cloud-hosted CRM is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection and does not require any additional infrastructure at the company premises.

Security is often an important consideration factor for businesses when deciding on the deployment of Dynamics CRM Online. In this era of data breaches involving web-based solutions, it is natural for a customer to be concerned about the security level offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Security can be broadly divided into how Microsoft tackles the security, how the data is secured over the Internet and how user-level permissions affect the security.

Security tackled by Microsoft

With Dynamics CRM Online the CRM data is managed via Microsoft data centres. The Microsoft data centres are located around the world and offer local hosting options. Access to these data centres are highly secured and restricted by a personnel’s job role. The Microsoft data center networks are configured to have separate data segments (single or multi-layered) for customer data offering customers with separate sections for critical customer data.

Security over the Internet

The connection between Microsoft data center and users is established via a SSL (Security Sockets Layer) and/or TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption methods and Microsoft has promised 99.9% network availability. All connections must be made via 2-step authentication process through remote desktop connection, offering a secure and robust server-browser data transfer.

Security managed at User Level

When CRM is deployed at the customer’s end, administrators need to configure user-permissions for all employees who have access to CRM data. CRM administrators need to maintain regular audit trails of how employees are using the application and what actions are being performed.  When an employee status changes in the company, permissions must be made in the CRM application immediately.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has a great security record and with the technology giant constantly investing in its CRM suite of products; you can rest assured that all your customer data is safe and secure. Check out the process of getting started with its implementation and how Dynamics CRM can help improve productivity and increase ROI.

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