Drive Efficiency with SharePoint Workflows


SharePoint is famous as an intranet or document management portal; however the SharePoint technology offers much more than just the opportunity to manage documents or develop an intranet website.

Let’s look at one such functionality offered by SharePoint – workflows.

SharePoint users who are aware of the benefits of using SharePoint workflows refrain from using it either because it is not on their priority list or they are worried about the time it takes to build and configure these workflows. If your organisation is not using workflows; make 2016 the year to start implementing SharePoint workflows and reap the benefits.

Workflows help businesses save money.

Businesses that rely heavily on paper based transactions are one of the main ones that need to take advantage of automated workflows. Manual form handling and data entries are error prone causing businesses time and money. Automated workflows reduce the stress and help organisations reduce the cost and labour associated with managing and maintaining paper trails.

Workflows are easy to build

As far as you have a clearly defined business process, workflows are ridiculously easy to build and configure. In case you wish to combine 2 or more business processes contact us and we can build the workflows for you.

Workflows help you stay industry-compliant

Workflows provide complete visibility over the business process and helps keep track of what actions have been taken at every step. This makes it easier to identify bottlenecks and plan improvements. Regular monitoring of business processes and fixing any issues help businesses maintain quality standards and stay compliant.

Overall, workflows automate manual and complex business operations and can be used to collect feedback and document approvals helping employees become more productive and efficient.

If you would like to know more about increasing staff efficiency with SharePoint workflows contact us to speak to one of our certified SharePoint consultants.