Dynamics 365 Based Mobile Inspection Tool

Field work with Dynamics 365

Building surveyors, QA officers, insurance claim verifiers, facilities assessors, property inspectors, OHS compliance inspectors and tradies form a sizeable portion of the Australian workforce. Always out of the office at a client site or building; these field workers have a stressful job indeed.

Field technicians need to carefully inspect the property/equipment, capture images (if necessary), calculate costs and record all their findings. Post inspection they need to explain the situation to the site owner/customer and get them to sign; confirming their understanding of the outcome. Finally they need to maintain detailed & accurate geo-stamped records of all their observations and findings to defend any future litigation issues.

As a result, employees who are on the road require a software that operates in online and offline modes; works on mobile and tablet devices and can easy provide access to the required company data. The ability to view and update their rosters, claim travel conveyance charges and submit timesheets would be an added bonus.

From building surveyors in Sydney to insurance assessors in regional Victoria; empowering field workers starts with the right mobile inspection tool. To be successful in their role they need a mobile inspection application that enables them to be nimble and add immediate value.

For example upon inspecting an equipment when they advise the client about the cost implications; it is likely that the customer has spoken to a customer service agent and may have been promised a credit. The ability for the field technicians to resolve the issue then and there they need to have access to the customer’s previous interaction with the company staff. A frictionless transition between various departments and accessibility to real-time information helps create an environment where employees are able to effectively serve customers and contribute to an overall positive experience.

Dynamics 365 based mobile inspection tool

We have already spoken about how field inspectors and assessors are reducing their operational costs with Mobile CRM. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service with intelligent scheduling, mobile support, and remote asset monitoring helps increase customer satisfaction; as well as get the job done in the first instance; thereby functioning as a mobile inspection system. This application also provides organisations the ability to; build and configure an inspection/survey template depending on the customer site or project.

With the Dynamics 365 based mobile inspection tool, an insurance claim inspector for example can quickly view his daily list of inspections, take a look at the location map, call to confirm inspection schedules and go on his way all from within the software. Once at the site all the agent needs to do is pull up the appropriate form/questionnaire according to the site/project, record his findings and submit the details; so that it will be updated in the CRM while he proceeds to his next appointment.

Accessible online and offline, the Dynamics 365 based application offers field staff the ability to; update the inspection results and rest assured that the results would be synced and available for other staff members to access.

Organisational benefits

While it is important to provide customers with a positive experience; company stakeholders need to ensure that the field staff are leveraging the CRM technology. By choosing a Dynamics 365 based inspection / auditing tool for conducting energy efficiency surveys, facilities inspections, inventory management, insurance claims assessments/ processing and safety checks; organisations are reporting numerous benefits. Field service organisations are now able to:

  • Safely store all data in the cloud for reliable access – anytime, anywhere
  • Record and save inspections, surveys and claims data with or without internet access
  • Upload and attach photos and videos to the respective records
  • Provide supervisors with the facility to monitor and track their service technicians’ progress real-time
  • Enable field staff to be able to send instant updates to the head-office teams directly from the field
  • Using geospatial data to improve service routes whilst reducing transportation related overheads
  • Manage surveys / inspections and integrate work order based on technician or geographic location
  • Seamlessly track and manage inventory
  • Analyse the historical data for trends to capitalise on for winning more business deals

In short, Dynamics 365 based mobile inspection tool is a must-have technology for field-service operating businesses; including the claims assessment providers, field sales reps, service-estimators, insurance advisors, energy efficiency surveyors and safety-check inspectors. While an off-the-shelf application may promise most of these features; these products are no match to Microsoft’s strong product roadmap for Dynamics 365 suite of applications.

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