Dynamics 365 for not-for-profit organisations and charities

Dynamics 365 for Non-profit Organisations

Not-for-profit (NFP) and charity organisations are run by a team of mission driven individuals operating in a resource-constrained environment. Relying on government funding and donations, they need to be meticulous in maintaining records about when and where the funds were utilised.

In case of charitable organisations; individual donors need to be thanked as the funding is received and let them know where/how their contribution is being spent. In fact statistics reveal that almost 70% of donors only donate once and 8 out of 10 donors are more likely to leave due to lack of communication. As a charitable or fundraising organisation you have the power to change these numbers.

Working with constrained resources; non-for-profits and charities are always on the lookout for tools and technology that will help them with their day-to-day activities.

Why Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 offers NFPs and charities a versatile platform that can be configured and tailored to meet their organisation’s unique requirements. We have listed some basic features NFPs look for in a solution and how Dynamics 365 fits in.

  • Team Collaboration: With teams working on different projects and at times various locations; NFPs need a solution that provides their staff with a collaborative platform to work on. Dynamics 365 captures all donor and donation related information in one central platform for staff and volunteers to access.
  • Donor & Volunteer Database Management: Donors and volunteers need to be notified about the details of their latest fundraising project. Dynamics 365 helps non-profits to effectively manage donor and volunteer information. Staff can create custom campaigns in Dynamics 365 to interact and communicate with donors about their upcoming projects and/or where and how their contribution is being used. A quick thank you note can also be sent to donors as soon as their donation is received. Dynamics 365 can also be configured to be used as a rostering platform to manage volunteer rosters and time sheets.
  • Grant Management: Dynamics 365 enables NFPs and charities to easily apply for grants. It provides employees with complete visibility into the grant application and management process and allows setting up follow-up reminders at every stage. These details can be shared with specific users or teams depending on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Process Automation: Dynamics 365 allows NFPs to automate repetitive tasks with the help of workflows. Marketing teams are able to automate marketing activities and set up promotional drip-campaigns to raise awareness towards their upcoming projects. Notification and communication workflows can also be created to interact with clients and customers.
  • Privacy & Security: Dynamics 365 offers NFPs and charities with security frameworks based on ISO 27001 standards and offers built-in malware and spam protection for your data. Organisations can further add user access permissions and restrictions to safeguard company data.

Solutions based on Dynamics 365 for NFPs Organisations and Charities

Enquiry & Lead Management System: An Enquiry and lead management solution developed using Dynamics 365 helps NFPs manage the sales leads/ prospects from initial enquiry through to a sale. With a Dynamics 365 based solution; non-profits are able to quickly identify prospects, enter details into a database and qualify the leads against preset company rules. Furthermore, workflows can be added to automate responses or marketing communications to keep prospects engaged throughout the sales life cycle. Overall, Dynamics for enquiry and lead management system offers a platform to record all enquiries, lead and opportunity related activities and enables salespeople to prioritise the enquiries and manage their sales pipeline more efficiently.

Client Management System (CMS): Dynamics 365 based client management system offers non-profits and charitable organisations a centralised platform to manage donors, volunteers, vendors, students, alumni foundations and other groups. It also offers options to include custom fields to capture memberships, donation history and social media engagement. Plus personalised marketing campaigns can be created by classifying their existing lead database. The event management functionality offered by Dynamics 365 helps them plan, organise & manage their promotional events and fundraising activities with ease.

Incident/ Hazard Management System (IMS/ HMS): NFPs and charities have limited staff and resources. As such a Dynamics 365 based incident and hazard management system proves to be quite beneficial. This solution helps eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by offering a centralised platform to identify, report, investigate, resolve and close the issues arising in relation to workplace health & safety, operational processes and quality assurance.

Donor Management: Specifically targeted at fundraising organisations the Dynamics 365 based donor management system helps non-for-profit organisations collect data, target fundraising efforts, process and manage donations.

Volunteer Management: Dynamics 365 can be configured to manage volunteer information such as updating contact details and scheduling shifts. An easy online registration option can also be set up with tools to choose the right volunteer for the non-for-profit project.

Member management system and Member Portals: Dynamics 365 comes with the option to create custom member portals that allows external users (members) to securely access organisational data. An intuitive interface where members can update their data and keep track of the latest company-related news can also be configured in Dynamics 365.

Field Staff Management: Non-profits and charities have a lot of employees working offsite. The Dynamics 365 based field staff management solution helps with effectively managing and communicating with the field agents.

Dynamics 365 NFP Australia Pricing

As the fundraising and non-for-profit organisations have limited budgets for IT investments; Microsoft is offering Dynamics 365 licenses at significantly discounted rates.

  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise:  $41* per user, per month (includes full use of Apps)
  • Team Members: $3.60* per user, per month (includes light use of apps).

Dynamics 365 Individual Apps:

  • Sales – $33.90*
  • Customer Service – $33.90*
  • Project Service Automation – $33.90*
  • Field Service – $33.90*
  • Power Apps – $57.15*

If you are a non-for-profit or charity organisation contact us to get the Dynamics 365 software at the discounted price.

* All prices are in Australian dollars and current as on 31st March 2018.