Construction, architecture and engineering companies Increase ROI with Dynamics CRM

Construction, architecture and engineering companies are one of the largest GDP contributors. These industries have played a pivotal role in determining Australia’s economic growth. Operating in private and public sectors, they have witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade.

Challenges faced by construction, architecture and engineering companies

Construction, architecture and engineering firms rely heavily on field workers quite often salespeople who are out on the field trying to bring in more projects for the company. Distributed across different states or countries; managing numerous field workers can be quite tedious.

Apart from managing salespeople, these companies also find it difficult to efficiently manage project data. Business and project related information is often scattered in different systems and sourcing the relevant data at the right time involved a couple of manual hours each and every time.

With no centralised system to manage leads, opportunities and project statuses; analysing the data and reaping the benefits of business intelligence just got a lot more difficult. Also, the lack of a unified collaborative platform causes transparency issues within the organisation with teams from different regions bidding for the same tender.

Overall the lack of an integrated solution leads to increased expenditure, duplicated data, increased admin tasks and longer sales cycles negatively impacting the company’s return on investment.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps increase ROI

Technological advancement has altered the way in which clients interact with companies. These days’ clients expect quick and relevant responses to their questions. A solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users with access to relevant information instantly equipping them with the resources to close deals faster. Microsoft Dynamics CRM especially helps salespeople easily collaborate and stay up-to-date on the latest projects, happenings wherever they are, whichever device they use.

Easy integration

In Australia, construction, architectural and engineering companies need to access a ‘BCI Project Database’ to access appropriate projects to bid on. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides easy integration with this widely used tool making it easier for firms to add project information to CRM and build their project pipeline. With increased data transparency; following up on leads, prospects and customers is also a lot easier with CRM.

Construction, architectural and engineering companies receive increasing volumes of web enquiries related to their services and price quotes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to offer web visitors with a self-service portal; that can generate custom quote depending on the type of services requested by the customer.

Yet another benefit experienced by construction, architectural and engineering companies is; the ability to tap on historical project data for best practices thereby avoiding previous mistakes and saving project execution costs. Also, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used within the Office 365 environment making it easier to track and share project tasks, statuses and updates.

How Dynamics CRM helps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps engineering, construction and architectural companies to:

  • Track business development activity by project, clients and contracts
  • Share client/project information across teams, departments and offices
  • Use project intelligence to assess and pre-qualify potential bids
  • Share and distribute project related documents such as CAD drawings, designs structures and contract information
  • Maintain a centralised repository of project and client data
  • Maintain proposal, RFI, tender and email templates
  • Collaborate effectively to implement best practices and gain insight into project bottlenecks
  • Use analytics to identify trends and spot new opportunities
  • Make data-driven business decisions

Overall, with the help of a versatile and scalable solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM; construction, engineering and architectural companies have seen a significant increase in their ROI. Thus, if you would like to experience cost benefits and streamline your project and operational processes; contact Empower IT Solutions for a confidential discussion about your requirements.

Blog Update

In November 2016 Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 – a platform that unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly across different business divisions. Construction, architecture and engineering companies can greatly benefit from the Project Service Automation module offered by Dynamics 365 in addition to the sales and finance modules. Contact us to know more.

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