CRM Predictions for 2016


Customer relationship management or CRM is no longer a sales-only tool with organisations big and small implementing a CRM software that suits their requirements. CRM is now a must-have software for sales, marketing, customer support and many other divisions.

Let’s have a look at what features CRM has in store for us in the coming year.


With all types of businesses embracing CRM, it is essential that CRM providers offer seamless integration with a number of different applications such as accounting software, ecommerce platforms, payment gateways, marketing automation solutions, and so on.


The number of smartphone users is expected to cross 10 billion in 2016; as such CRM providers are strongly focused on offering CRM for mobile users. Mobile CRM is expected to integrate with maps and note-taking functions and allow users to securely communicate with their colleagues about a sales lead, or customer request. CRM providers have also stated that the mobile versions of the software will be equipped with dashboards and other interactive features to enable users to function efficiently.

As a leading CRM provider, Microsoft has listed the features that mobile users can expect from Dynamics CRM 2016.

Social Media

2016 will see CRM providers offering more social media functions such as tracking a customer’s interactions or sourcing new leads and contacts from social media. How the companies are planning to legally monitor customer activities is yet to be seen, however, 2016 can expect social media capability added to their CRM tool.

Predictive Analytics

2016 will be the year when CRM solutions will come equipped with predictive analytics functions that enable them to provide real-time offers to customers based on their buying history. Predictive analytics when combined with marketing and sales functions will give users a better understanding of customer behaviour and help them tailor their pitch accordingly.

CRM has always been about automating processes; 2016 is expected to see the peak of process automation functions. CRM users will be able to automate business process notifications, follow-ups, billing processes and customer service processes leaving businesses with more time to focus on offering better product and/or service.

If you are contemplating a CRM solution in 2016, watch out for these 4 functions. If your existing CRM solution does not have plans to offer these capabilities, it’s time to look for a powerful CRM platform such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software.