RTOs Improve Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM for RTOs

The recent changes to the government regulations has seen the 5000+ RTOs in Australia heavily tasked with the need to prove their compliance in addition to delivering high quality training. Many organisations are seeing their funding cut due to non-compliance. In the face of mounting compliance and funding issues, RTOs need the right resources to stay on top of regulations, compliance and risk management issues.

While most training organisations use a student management system such as VETtrak or RTOManager; there is lack of a defined process or platform to capture and track the admission and enrolment data. This lack of a secure digital platform is exposing businesses to the non-compliance complaints. As the first step towards gaining a competitive advantage,training institutions need to embrace the CRM software to enhance their student enrolment experience and reduce management inefficiencies.

RTOs hold off from implementing CRM systems as they think of it as contact databases that would be applicable only after a student has enrolled into a course. This is just a misconception and CRM systems are much more than just mere contact databases.

An effective CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps RTOs provide better service to their prospective students.

RTOs Increase ROI and Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

RTOs can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build online web forms such as course enquiry forms, admissions forms, fee calculators and customised portals to handle other business divisions. A well-configured CRM solution helps businesses analyse their interactions with prospects and share relevant information at each and every touchpoint. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be customised to work in conjunction with Microsoft SharePoint (on-premises and online), Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 providing RTOs easy access to staff calendars in order to book training sessions and configure periodic email reminders. The integration with Exchange and Office 365 enables management to generate performance reports of student advisors.

The advanced integration capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows easy integration with other software packages such as accounting packages such as MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks; Email Marketing software such as MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, SurveyMonkey, ERP technologies like Sage, SAP, Netsuite and student management systems such as VETtrak and RTOManager make it the ideal platform for RTOs.

In conclusion, a well-implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps RTOs:

  • Create a sufficient pool of course enquiries to meet their business needs
  • Design and provide prospective students relevant offers / discounts
  • Provide prospective students an online enrolment portal
  • Manage student enrolments and admissions
  • Increase the engagement between prospective students and local course advisors
  • Assist the student counsellor with their recruiting activities
  • Analyse the performance of enrolment marketing activities
  • Improve current/existing enrolment processes and workflows based on generated business intelligence data

Overall; the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows businesses to track and maintain the student interactions at every stage; helping them streamline their future prospecting efforts. Finally; the return on investment (ROI) is easily measured by collating all the data and generating relevant business intelligence reports.

Whether it is configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM for FutureSkills/ Smart & Skilled application, dedicated portals or build integration with in-house custom software; our team can help. As a RTO; if you would like to simplify your admission and enrolment process, increase ROI and stay compliant with industry regulations; contact the Empower IT team to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) can help.

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