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Boost productivity and cut costs with Microsoft Power Platform

“We need an app for that.”
Whether it is you or your team members making the suggestion, this phrase is heard in workplaces everywhere. From the worker in the front office to the CEO, there is a recognition that going digital can help businesses become more efficient and productive. For many, remote working during the pandemic has been a catalyst to improve business processes, and so it needs to do more for less in a challenging economic climate.

So, what are the stumbling blocks?

Cost, speed and availability of support are high up there. Getting a web developer to design a bespoke solution is expensive, may incur additional licence costs, and take months. However, anyone can now build professional apps quickly and cost-effectively.

Firstly, Microsoft Power Platform is free to use with your Microsoft 365 subscription. It was built to take the mystery and complexity out of coding and helps you develop the low-code tools you need for your business to grow and run smoothly day-to-day. Here at Empower IT Solutions, we can help you navigate the platform and build tools quickly that support you in the broader digital transformation of your business.

There are four main elements to Microsoft Power Platform:

  • Power BI: This allows you to analyse and explore all your business data. Interactive dashboards give you all the insights you need to inform your business strategy and goals.
  • Power Apps: This lets you build web and mobile apps that connect to your data and uses familiar Excel-type expressions. You can create an app for anything from holiday requests to reporting accidents.
  • Power Automate: This can automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks to streamline your processes, such as sending a batch of emails that all have to be personalised. No coding knowledge needed.
  • Power Virtual Agents: This lets you build chatbots and virtual agents to have conversations with your customers and employees. All you need to provide is examples and a control flow.

What’s more, Microsoft Power Platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, and you can rest assured that all data and information is secure at the source. You can even set internal access levels to ensure that people can only view what they’ve got permission for.

Microsoft Power Platform is a game-changer for businesses and organisations, whatever their size. If you want to transform how your organisation does things and for a fraction of the cost of traditional web development, get in touch with us today.