Common SharePoint Misconceptions


As a team of experienced SharePoint consultants, we’ve had our share of SharePoint related conversations. We find that often, users are confused about what SharePoint is and/or have limited understanding of the extent of the software’s capabilities.

Based on our real-life experiences these are the common misconceptions around SharePoint and its capabilities we’ve come across.

SharePoint is just a document repository

SharePoint is an application that can be used to store documents, however it is not just a document repository. If you plan to use SharePoint to just dump all your documents then you need to stop using the application immediately. All the documents that are stored in SharePoint need to be properly indexed and labelled with meta-data, content type and have document versioning activated. If you are not doing this they search for data within SharePoint is not going to get any easier. SharePoint Search needs constant configuration and review.

SharePoint is just a CMS

As SharePoint can be accessed via a web-browser it is often mistaken to be a web-development platform or a content management system. Surely, you can use the application to create customised web-pages; however to ensure you get the best return for your SharePoint investment, you need to create shared calendars, online office apps, document libraries and automate workflows to handle the large amount of content within SharePoint. SharePoint also provides users with the ability to integrate with a number of different applications, enabling teams to work efficiently together. With SharePoint users can co-author a document at the same time without any hassle.

SharePoint Governance is required only for large deployments

Governance can be defined as the set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that control and monitor how a company’s various business divisions work together with their IT teams to achieve business goals. It does not matter if you are deploying SharePoint on a large scale or only for one division, without a proper governance plan, it is quite difficult for teams/members to collaborate effectively and/or achieve the company’s goals.

To experience the full benefits of SharePoint, you need to learn to use SharePoint to the optimum level. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we can help you seamlessly migrate to SharePoint and train you to reap the benefits of the solution.

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