Cisco Meraki – Taking Cloud to a new level


There are few times that IT company acquisitions make the front page news. But when in 2012 Cisco bought Meraki for US $1.2 billion, people took notice. After all, back then, Meraki was a small-time start-up company that sold device management tools and cloud managed Wi-Fi services to SMBs as well as university campuses and corporations. But when it came to business class network hardware such as routers and servers, Cisco has long been the biggest name in town. Cisco recognised that small and medium sized businesses were seeking efficient and cost-friendly cloud network managing products, and the Meraki brand offered some of the best.

Indeed, a strong network is what every business needs if it’s to operate at its fullest potential. Your staff need to get online from wherever in the office they are and need reliant and consistent access. A system of Wi-Fi routers is fine for very small businesses, but simply won’t work as you take on more staff and more tech. Cisco Meraki systems can help, ensuring you get a network that lets your business grow while managing and growing your internet networks.

Salim Sukari, Director at Empower IT Solutions says, “Cisco Meraki, offers great solutions for Australian SMBs as it allows them to create secure, cloud managed networks while not breaking the bank. After all, many SMBs have the same IT needs as big multi-nationals and this platform allows them to integrate complex IT solutions at a great price. This has led to Cisco Meraki’s application becoming a leader in managed networking, and the team at Empower IT can help it boost your Australian business too.”

So how does it help? Well let’s take a look at these solutions and how they can aid you in managing your businesses and expanding your network. Cisco Meraki offers four categories of cloud-managed network products, all of which can be enjoyed out of the box.

  • Wireless LAN – These are Wireless Access Points (routers) configured for high capacity and offer faster connections, higher capacity (meaning more users per router), increased coverage, and fewer support issues. This is all managed and optimised through a cloud dashboard.
  • Security Appliances – To keep your systems secure, Cisco Meraki offers all-in-one solutions incorporating network gateways and firewalls. This allows you to enjoy enhanced security to fight Internet-based threats, while managing online traffic and devices, all from one cloud-based dashboard.
  • Switches – which allow you to quickly and conveniently configure connections and bandwidth for all users, while tracking who is using data, how much and what for.
  • Mobility Management – You can control all mobile and BYOD devices in your company, via a secure cloud dashboard. You can easily add and install new devices as you need, install updates and apps across the board and make sure they are all secure.

How Cisco Meraki helps you manage and expand networks

The Cisco Meraki cloud platform allows configuration, monitoring, and device management over networks. You are able to better control not only your whole network, but also who has access to what and the overall security of your systems.

  • Swiftly and easily expand your network – Cisco Meraki products are designed to incorporate multiple network management features that integrate several elements of hardware. This, in combination with cloud management, means you can add new connection points and devices as you like, without needing to install extra hardware. Therefore the overall management process is simplified.
  • Maintain a strong, secure network – Cisco Meraki solutions boast state-of-the-art security solutions including firewalls as well as the ability to track how much bandwidth your team are using. You can set limits accordingly, all controlled from the cloud interface.
  • Ensure systems are up to date – It is easy to remotely install firmware updates to Cisco Meraki hardware and so ensure your networks are always running the latest versions – this helps to enhance security as well as general network efficiency.
  • Enjoy lower operational costs – Cisco Meraki solutions are all managed via one interface reducing the need to manage separate solutions. The advantage of this is lower costs as you need fewer pieces of hardware and it can all be managed, and even repaired, via the dashboard. So your staff have fewer service calls to make, and you don’t need to call on outside support so often.

If you are looking for a better network solution for your business, contact Empower IT Solutions to learn more about our managed networking services that are supported by Cisco Meraki hardware.