Microsoft Unveils an All-New Windows 10



Windows is the most widely used PC operating system for general computer users and businesses alike. But the release of Windows 8 in 2012 caused considerable discontent in the computer world. Many users and critics were not impressed with Windows 8’s new features and were bewildered by its complicated user interface which seemed very user-unfriendly when compared with that of its predecessor, the popular Window’s 7.  And so Microsoft made the drastic decision to leave the Windows 8 fiasco behind and move right on to Windows 10.

After so much negative feedback from global users about the usability of Windows 8, Microsoft have revealed that the latest version of Windows will offer all the user-friendly functionality that businesses and home of Windows 7 or previous versions have become familiar with. But let’s take a look for ourselves. Here’s all you need to know about the new features of Windows 10 that may benefit your business.

The Features

For enterprise users, upgrading an operating system for thousands of employees and having to train them costs both time and money. Windows 10 aims to offer the familiarity of Windows 7 with some of the genuine benefits that came with Windows 8, so users won’t be forced to abandon their traditional ways of using the system. Here are some distinguished features of Windows 10.

  • Start Menu – Microsoft has finally brought back the Start Menu in Windows 10, which proved to be more user-friendly than the one in Windows 8 which caused a lot of frustrations. You will see two columns in Start Menu; the left column shows your pinned and recently used programs, while the right shows a selection of tabs that you can customize. The Start Menu is also customizable so you can change depending on whether you were on a PC, laptop, or tablet.
  • Continuum – This is a new feature that automatically detects if you’ve plugged in a keyboard or mouse. You can choose to switch modes while using Windows 10 on hybrid laptop-tablet devices. For instance if you remove a keyboard or mouse, a notification will pop up at the bottom, asking if you want to activate the Tablet mode for a more touch-friendly experience. Similarly if you plugged in the keyboard or mouse, a message will show again, this time asking if you want to deactivate the Tablet mode.
  • Action Center – Windows 10 provides a new way of looking at all your notifications in one place. The Action Center collects alerts from all the apps in your device, including social media updates, skype calls, and much more. You can also access popular connectivity options and other settings such as display brightness and volume adjustments.
  • Spartan Browser – The brand new browser replaces Internet Explorer and provides a bundle of features adopted from Google Chrome. With the new note-taking feature you can scribble on any page and you can share your comments via a slide-in menu, so you don’t have to leave the browser.
  • Virtual Desktops – Now you can create multiple desktops to organise your work and increase productivity. Windows 10 lets you launch separate sets of programs and toggle through them for multitasking. You can set up a desktop for work where you keep your Word and Excel files open while using another to browse hotel deals for your next holiday for example.
  • Easier updates – Gone were the days when you have to wait several years for a big Windows update. Microsoft is offering regular updates for every level of users on a monthly basis. Windows 10 also lets users opt in to latest security and critical updates as soon as they’re available. Enterprise IT administrators can segment their own user groups and select only necessary updates required for employees.

The new Windows 10 focuses more on customers’ needs and prioritises ease of administration and familiar user interface. Though Windows 10 is currently in a technical preview stage, Microsoft plans to launch its best product yet within 2015. Users of Windows 7 and 8 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for the first year after launch.


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