Visually Explore Data with SandDance

Microsoft Research has released a new data visualisation app – SandDance, a Microsoft Garage Project.

SandDance helps you explore understand and present data visually. Equipped with easy-to-understand views with animation transitions between views and a touch-based interface, the all new visualisation app from Microsoft helps you tell stories supported by data, build cases, support surface decisions and much more.

You can fire this app in your browser, upload your data set and get analysing.  SandDance offers a number of visualisation options including charts, maps, 3D-scatterplot and histograms and is said to work best with data sets that have between 50-300,000 rows. SandDance works well in most browsers that run WebGL (iOS devices are however not supported). It supposedly runs better on computers that have modern graphics card.

To learn how the app works, you can try a bunch of sample sets that is included in the web-based interface. In short, SandDance is a free-to-use software that can make you feel like a data scientist.