Yammer brings social media to Microsoft Office

Microsoft bought Yammer in June 2012 as a way to bolster or add a better social layer across their Dynamics CRM, Skype, Office 365 and SharePoint products. Imagine having twitter feeds and Facebook likes across your documents, opportunities and new product introduction or business transformation groups.

You’ll get instant communication and feedback on all your key internal projects and clients. The idea is to combine social, e-mail, instant messaging, voice, video and collaboration into a new productive experience.


One of the advantages of Yammer for Microsoft (SharePoint) is to open social features for enterprise level groups, focus groups and external networks since SharePoint’s main focus is team and your personal space.

As an example, up to 100 external users can be added free from your customers, suppliers, partners and vendors. You can use these external connections to jointly create content and provide real-time feedback to stakeholders.

Why use Yammer?

Communication is often key to productivity, especially when undergoing change, releasing new products or merging with other organisations. Use Yammer as your Enterprise tool to increase communication across all your key projects and to break down geographical and functional silos within an organisation.

Yammer also opens a great way to connect to your external suppliers, vendors and customers on specific documents or projects. Microsoft wants you to use Yammer for your intranet social experiences, as integration with SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM is coming soon.

Keep in mind that Yammer is available via cloud only.  If you are not in the cloud, this could be your first opportunity to explore. If you are against using a multi-tenant cloud solution, use SharePoint news feed for your social.

How to get Yammer

If you want Yammer by itself, you can try basic version for free by going to their website.  Yammer enterprise is available at no additional cost for Office 365 and SharePoint On-line customers.

For on-premise customers, Yammer is available as another app in the SharePoint 2013 store and will allow you to replace your SharePoint news feed with a Yammer group feed and have a single sign-on to have access to both.

Yammer is not for everyone, but if you are looking for ways to introduce change in your organisation, this could be one of the cultural elements needed to make it happen.

Ask us about social media compatibility with our products. Contact Empower IT Solutions for more information.

(Update in October 2013:  Office 365 will be available more broadly in Australia in 2014 as Telstra will no longer have exclusivity.)


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