Top 6 Telco Saving Tips for Businesses

Business Phones

Telecommunication services are vital for connecting Australian businesses with customers, suppliers, and each other. However, these are also one of the biggest sources of business expenditure, especially in an age where almost everything is online. It’s, therefore, more important than ever to keep telco costs under control.

Many companies are surprised at how much they can save on telecommunication services by making just a few simple changes. This article shares some of the best ways to reduce your telco expenses.

1. Review your telco system and cut the frills

Often, businesses sign up for a telco plan with features they never end up using, like paging announcements or voicemail to email. Review your phone usage and invoices to see which features you use, and get rid of the bells and whistles. You can save a huge portion of your monthly telco bills by downgrading your plan and keeping only the necessary features.

You should also evaluate the cost efficiency of your phone system equipment, like fax machines, routers, and landline phones. Often, these can be replaced with more modern and affordable alternatives.

2. Invest in a cloud-based phone system

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems is quickly becoming the new standard for business communications. They are more reliable, offer more features than traditional phone systems, and are also much more affordable.

With a VoIP system, the calls you make are routed over the internet instead of traditional copper phone lines. You can make calls with your computer or mobile device without incurring expensive, per-minute charges. International and long-distance calls are also much lower with VoIP. VoIP offers cost and time-saving features like auto-attendant, call forwarding, and a centralised phone directory.   

VoIP services are billed at a flat per-user monthly rate, typically much more affordable than traditional business phone plans. There are no hidden costs or surcharges, and you can scale your service up or down as your business needs change.

3. Bundle your services

Costs can quickly pile up when you purchase telco services from different providers, such as business messaging, call centres, video conferencing, and mobile services. Not only does this make it challenging to keep track of your expenses, but it can also lead to higher monthly fees.

Instead, look for providers that offer bundled communication services. VoIP solutions like 3CX offer feature like live chat, video conferencing, customer service modules, and mobile app versions, all in one package. These bundled services often come at discounted rates, making them a more cost-effective option for businesses. Furthermore, consolidating your communication centre under one roof streamlines your operations, resulting in even more savings.

4. Check your data usage

Monitoring your usage and making changes to your plan as needed can help you keep telco costs under control. Review your data plan to see whether you’re using more or less data than anticipated. If you’re using less data, you may be able to get away with a cheaper plan. On the other hand, if you find that you’re using more data than expected, it may be time to upgrade to a higher data allowance. This also enables you to predict your monthly expenditure better. 

5. Upgrade your internet service

While spending more money on internet services may seem counterintuitive, it can help you reduce your overall expenses. Fibre broadband, in particular, boasts faster internet bandwidth and more stable network performance than other broadband services. This means you’ll not only be able to upload and download files faster, but your company’s cloud applications will also run more smoothly.

If your company uses VoIP, upgrading your internet service can dramatically improve call quality. You can eliminate expensive productivity killers like call jitter, dropped calls, and choppy audio. Moreover, smoother calls translate to happier customers, leading to more sales and repeat business.

6. Consult with an expert

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) with years of experience in voice and data communications can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to cut costs. These experts can assess your current situation, identify areas where you can save, and offer recommendations on the best solutions for your specific needs. MSPs also provide ongoing support to ensure your telco system runs optimally, helping you avoid costs associated with downtime and repairs. 

When reducing phone system expenses, you can turn to Empower IT Solutions. Our team can help you implement and maintain a communication infrastructure that is both cost-effective and scalable. We’re a 3CX Silver Partner and can provide you with expert VoIP technology and support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business save on telco costs.