What to look for in Not-for-profit software


According to Fundraising and Philanthropy magazine, it is important for organisations to thank donors as soon as funding is received and release acquittals on time. These days’ people expect personalised experiences and prefer to receive information on how their contribution is spent. Organisations that stop interacting with them on regular basis will just drop off.

Fundraising statistics reveal that while 70% of donors only donate once and 8 out of 10 donors leave due to lack of communication. As a fundraising organisation, you have the power to change these numbers.

Do you need a professional nonprofit fundraising solution?

Most fundraising organisations use excel spreadsheets to manage their donor information. Although this works for an organisation that is just starting out, it can be impossible to maintain as the donor database grows.

Not-for-profits can struggle to keep track of campaigns and donor information. If opportunities are missed due to the inability to find information at the right time, then it is time to embrace a professional fundraising package.

There are a number of great fundraising solutions available such as Raiser’s Edge Fundraising Software, Bloomerang or DonorSnap. Choosing an appropriate solution ultimately depends on your specific fundraising goals and how you would like to manage and organise your fundraising efforts.

The solution should be fundraising specific

The right type of fundraising solution must allow you to:

  • tailor requests, communications and invitations according to the donors,
  • find and match corporate gift opportunities,
  • seamlessly track grant proposals, and
  • provide detailed analytics to demonstrate accountability to existing and future donors.

Fundraising organisations generally report to donors, service recipients, grant sources, directors and national charitable associations. As a result, the right type of fundraising software must be capable of effortlessly generating a number of reports specific to the reporting authority.

Justifying budgets

Depending on the features you are after, the price of the software varies. As a non-profit organisations, money is often a major deciding factor. As such you are always concerned about overspending on a software that may be too complex for your current requirements.

It is difficult to predict how an investment in a donor management software will start generating additional revenue. However, the new system will help increase staff efficiency by re-allocating your resources to pursue funding activities.

The new system should be able to offer a more effective and well-organised program to produce better overall results.

Empower IT Solutions works with many non-profit organisations and has tailor-made a Donor Management and Fundraising Solution that is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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