Business Consulting

For over 15 years, Empower IT Solutions has offered business consulting services.  We assist companies chose the right technology and solutions by understanding their business objectives. We then deliver the solutions that help achieve goals. Australian businesses approach us for our ability to analyse their existing technology landscape and recommend appropriate solutions.

In order to remain competitive, successful organisations must ensure to be up-to-date on the latest industry and technology trends in the market. We focus on business short-term and long-term goals. We help healthcare, not-for-profits, education, professional services, construction; and other industries overcome operational inefficiencies and get ahead of competition.

Services we offer

We understand that each client is unique and as a result we often tailor our services based on individual client requirements. The business consulting services we offer can be broadly categorised into the following phases.

Discovery workshops

A discovery workshop session includes:

  • understanding your processes,
  • discussions with key stakeholders,
  • performing gap analysis, and
  • reviewing your system architecture.

At the end of our discovery workshop, organisations can expect a summary report along with an action plan that would solve their business pain points.

Project scoping and definition

We scope and define the specific project goals and project deliverables for each stage of the project. This gives your business a breakdown of functions, tasks, deadlines and costs. Our project scoping service provides clients with a clear idea of how the project work would be implemented, which enables them to brief and prepare staff accordingly.

Business process audit

Our business process audit services investigates the performance of your company’s various operational processes. We also analyse the current technologies used in the company and its limitations. At the end of the audit, organisations receive an audit summary report with recommendations and/or action plans.

Information architecture services

Organisations can refine their information management systems by:

  • examining and executing data governance (with respect to ownership and security),
  • data labelling, and
  • navigation structure

A good navigation structure provides staff with the right privileges and easy access to the information they need.

Project feasibility assessment

We define the organisational components and determine the overall potential benefits before embarking on a project activity. At the end of our project feasibility assessment; we provide recommendations on the overall viability of the project and prepare a business case for the same.

Project requirements analysis and technical writing

Finally, we understand the importance of user guides and manuals; and thus offer requirements analysis and technical writing services.

How we deliver

Empower IT Solutions is a Microsoft partner; focused on assisting companies increase employee productivity, safeguard company data and reduce project costs. We also provide:

  • business analysis,
  • project management,
  • process modelling,
  • policy, and
  • strategy formulation services.

These are designed to help companies become high-performance workplaces.

Our business consultants are seasoned professionals with a strong understanding of business processes and organisational behaviour. Our team analyse every aspect of your requirements and existing environment to provide a detailed approach for achieving your goals.