Fujitsu – Relocation

Fujitsu PC Australia is part of a multinational group of companies that manufacture and market PCs. With ties back to Japan, Fujitsu is a leading company that places a strong emphasis on product and service excellence.

Kirana logo

Kirana Training – Cloud Enables RTO Growth

Kirana is a national organisation that improves people’s lives through world class education and training. Kirana aims to ensure that their students are equipped with up-to-date industry knowledge whilst helping them find opportunities in the workforce. Its education programs offer nationally recognised Certificates and Diplomas in a large range of fields and has a track record of delivering a high standard and quality education throughout the various campuses in Australia.

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Preston logo

Preston Group – Why We Chose Empower IT Solutions

Preston Group specialise in industrial equipment hire across Australia assisting businesses with a wide range of needs. Preston Group has been in the industry for more than 40 years, and thus have an exceptional level of knowledge when it comes to heavy equipment and large scale construction.

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Alpha Omega Education – Flooding of Premises

Alpha Omega Education is a tutoring institute that helps students in Sydney achieve their academic potential by providing weekly classes and a range of workshops for all levels of education. Since opening in 1990, Alpha Omega Education has been hugely successful and now operates from four locations around Sydney.

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Maincom Group has provided reliable professional construction and building repair services throughout Australia and New Zealand for almost 20 years.

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Tech Plas Extrusions

Tech Plas Extrusions is a wholly owned and operated Australian company formed in 1985 to specialise in the manufacture and distribution of specialty pipes and custom extrusions. Tech Plas produces a huge range of profiles for local, interstate and overseas customers representing a diverse range of industries.

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WK Marble and Granite

WK Marble & Granite is Australia’s leading distributor of natural and engineered stone. Operating from warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, WK services a wide customer base including shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, airports, and skyscrapers.

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