Cisco achieves resiliency through three principal areas of focus: business resiliency, incident management, and IT Disaster Recovery. Together they help maintain a state of readiness to bounce back, and provide continuous support for customers. By proactively assessing and mitigating potential disruptions through dynamic development, business continuity is now possible.

The range of Cisco products and services allow Empower IT Solutions to align their systems with the goals of all clients seamlessly. Our partnership with Cisco enables us to support clients in the following ways:

Products and services

Voice and conferencing

When you think Cisco, you think phones and communication. But it’s must more than that. Cisco brings phone and video, a wide range of phone systems and a variety of methods to establish effective meetings and enhance teamwork.

Wireless and security

By providing a number of access points, security solutions and accessories to support them, Cisco security systems are known to be second to none!

Routers and switches

Cisco’s products and services work seamlessly together to bring an end to end system that simply works. Some of these items include switches, routers and a number of accessories to enhance their performance.


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