Empower IT is a Microsoft consultancy delivering next generation custom-designed solutions for our customers. As ClickDimensions partner with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional experiences, we leverage ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to simplify and improve the customer engagement process.

We have worked with some of the leading healthcare, non-for-profits, education and professional services companies in Australia.

Features & Benefits

ClickDimensions is an email marketing and marketing automation solution that bridges the gap between sales and marketing. By using ClickDimesnions, users will be able to learn more about website suspects and prospects by tracking what interests them and contacting them at the right time to sell products and services.

Apart for automating key marketing activities, ClickDimensions provides users with

  • Easy-to-use email marketing platform within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Build and automate marketing and customer engagement campaigns
  • Capture lead information within CRM with integrated web forms
  • Integrate external event and webinar solutions
  • Evaluate the sales and marketing ROI
  • Identify prospect activity through web intelligence and prioritise which leads to pursue

If you would like to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ClickDimensions, contact the Empower IT team right away.