The Empower IT Client Portal is a private and secure web application that enables companies to share a selection of data, including: calendars, documents, notices and/or project related information with: clients, partners, and vendors. This solution is known to enhance customer relationships by creating a collaborative online environment with 24×7 access to essential information –from any location with an internet connection.

The Client Portal is built using Microsoft SharePoint technology and integrated with everyday business systems including CRM and MYOB for a comprehensive and streamlined solution for business to business communication.

Who needs a Client Portal Solution?

Companies focused on: creating a secure collaborative environment between their internal teams, suppliers, vendors and clients; reducing their product’s overall time-to-market; and improving team efficiency; need a Client Portal Solution. Why not trial the Empower IT’ Client Portal solution today to see how it can help you?

The Client Portal solution helps share, manage and collaborate on projects or work-orders by connecting specific departments in your organisation with associated departments in a partnering or patron company.   Accounts, finance, HR, marketing, operations, quality assurance, sales, customer service and management teams may all benefit from a client portal solution. For example a HR department may be interested in sharing information regarding: site induction processes, safe work methods and, Occupational Health and Safety standards. In contrast, a marketing department may share: pricing information, product recalls, catalogues or brochures, and warranty details with clients who may in turn on-sell products to third parties.

Ideally catered to Government, Health, Media, Finance, Insurance, Non-for-profit, Professional Service or Security  industries; the Empower IT, SharePoint-based, Client Portal solution can be customised for other industries as well.

Empower IT’ Client Portal Features

The Client Portal makes it easy for you, your vendors and your clients to send and receive large files, communicate with each other and address queries and concerns in real time, inside or outside of conventional business hours.

Some of the features of the Empower IT Client Portal include:

  • File Management
    With the client portal, you can: collaboratively create, edit or modify online documents, view and share files instantaneously,  and version control updates with tracked changes and comments.
  • Collaboration
    With the client portal; customers can be: automatically updated on the status of a project; send or receive targeted messages; or communicate with the team online to get instantaneous results.
  • Shared Calendars
    This option enables you or your customers to schedule and organise meetings with minimal fuss.
  • Customisable
    The functionality,, look, layout and overall branding of the extranet website can be customised to meet your exact requirements.
  • Effective Project Management
    With the Client Portal, customers can create, assign and track multiple projects online.
  • Online Security
    The Client portal has been developed with various security parameters ensuring security of customer-data.
  • Remote Access
    As this is an extranet website, access to selected data is only restricted to a place with an internet connection and people with the correct login credentials.

Benefits of Empower IT Client Portal

The Empower IT Client Portal allows businesses to:

Create a Collaborative Environment – whereby internal and/or external teams, can share the correct and current information they require from each other to achieve mutually beneficial goals. A collaborative scenario in turn reduces time and money wastage, and promotes on-time project completion.

Ensure Legal & Government Regulation Compliance – By using a Client Portal, organisations can identify compliance parameters and ensure adherence. Organisations can also share information about any legal and regulatory changes, ensuring any associated obligations are met to avoid any harm, injury or financial consequences.

Simplified Sales Process and Improved Cash Flows – As one of many features, Client Portals  can allow for the sale, billing and payment for products outside conventional business hours. This can shorten the sales cycle, bring in more revenue, or at very least allow for faster payment.

Overall, organisations can improve business relationships with clients(internal or external), partners and vendors with the Client Portal Solution from Empower IT.

If you would like to know about how you can get a SharePoint-based Client Portal specific to your customer needs, or would like to get a demo, call the Empower IT team today at 1300 797 888 or write to [email protected].


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