Is your team spending a lot of time preparing customer quotations? Would you rather prefer your sales staff to utilise their time pursuing new opportunities and spend less time generating quotes? Are you having issues with incorrect automatic quotations? Would you prefer a mobile quote tool that enables staff to generate quotes while out on the field? Unless you are a business selling only one type of product with a rigid pricing structure you must answer ‘yes’ to the above questions.

Statistics state when dealing with customers who are requesting tailored services; generating quotations is difficult as well as time-consuming. Reportedly, sales representatives are spending more-and-more time working on generating customised quotations rather than pursuing new leads. Hence, organisations are constantly evaluating new tools that reduce their administrative workload. A custom quote generation application helps develop tailored estimates according to individual customer requirements within a matter of minutes. The mobile quote application needs to be a versatile tool that not only generates the quote; but provides a complete breakdown of the costs for requested products/services; as well as creates an exportable document for customers.

Microsoft PowerApps Quote Generator

Empower IT has been servicing Australian businesses for more than a decade and as such has developed a quote generation application solely for this purpose.

Empower IT’ Quote Generator is a PowerApps application that can be live on your company’s intranet site. Accessible on desktop and mobile devices; this application easily integrates with your internal CRM, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Office 365 and other databases to source the data required for generating a custom quote. With all the data maintained in the CRM, businesses no longer need to worry about quotations sent out with inaccurate or outdated information. Within a matter of minutes, you have a custom sales quote with a complete breakdown of costs ready for the customer. The sales quote document comes with personalisation options enabling businesses to include their logo, brand colours, sales representatives and customer details.

powerapps quote generator screenshot

Quote Generator Benefits

Microsoft PowerApps quote generator is for organisations handling increasing volumes of custom orders that require special quotations. It is also a must-have tool for organisations with a large number of field workers who need to generate quotes while at a client site. Popularly known as the “mobile quote tool” or “field quote application”; this PowerApps-based quote generation application helps businesses:

  • Save time: Estimates, quotes and invoices are created in a matter of minutes.
  • Use existing pricing model: The price details are sourced from CRM (such as Dynamics 365) / SharePoint / Office 365. As a result, the quotes have the current and updated prices
  • Manage paperwork: All generated quotes are synced back to the respective customer automatically providing staff easy accessibility to the data. This helps eliminate administrative paperwork and overheads.
  • Close deals faster: Customers like responsive service providers. With the PowerApps quote generation application; sales representatives send project quotations within a matter of minutes rather than hours enabling them to close deals faster.

Whether your organisation deals with an increasing number of enquiries, or you want to reduce the administrative overload of your sales staff,  the PowerApps Quote Generator will help. Contact the Empower IT team for a demo.


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