Empower IT Solutions Cloud Project Management allows project managers align project timelines, allocate tasks and resources, track project status and create a collaborative work environment for internal and external teams. Developed for fast-paced organisations who manage multiple projects; this solution provides quick visibility into the project metrics that matter.

Developed using Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation module; this solution offers easy integration with leading accounting packages such as Quickbooks, MYOB, Xero. The Cloud Project Management Solution can also handle any organisation/department level customisations and is scalable and adaptable to evolving business needs.

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Organisations that handle multiple projects simultaneously and/or use a number of systems to manage their project data; and on the lookout for a versatile and agile project management solution will greatly benefit from Empower IT Solutions Cloud Project Management.

Available via the internet and accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms; the solution offers project supervisors with better flexibility in managing projects, staff and resources.


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Empower IT Solutions Cloud Project Management allows project stakeholders to maintain and track their project milestones and resource inventory as well as generate detailed customer invoices. The solution functions as a collaborative work platform where consultants, managers and clients can liaise regularly to plan project components and direct funds/resources as required. Features include:

Project planning and tracking – The Cloud Project Management Solution allows businesses to outline the project’s budget, resources and deadlines. Project managers can set up project timelines, milestones and chart out the project requirements. This solution provides management the ability to clearly define the project dependencies and make adhoc changes as they occur; ensuring all project milestones are met.

Automated resource scheduling – Once the project milestones are planned and resources defined; managers can set the solution to automatically allocate resources based on skills and experience. With employee’s project history available in the system; the solution can check out respective consultant’s schedule before assigning them to a project.

Document management – The solution doubles up as a collaborative work platform where; internal and external teams can discuss and manage project components. This solution allows consultants to share and attach documents to the projects as well as split tasks with other members to speed up project delivery.

Reporting and analytics – Business owners and company management no longer need to contact project heads for the status of a project. With the Cloud Project Management Solution they have complete visibility into the project milestones and associated budgets. These reports provide them with the data to make important business decisions to increase company ROI.

Overall, Empower IT Solutions Cloud Project Management is a centralised database; with details of all project related activities, tasks, consultant timetables, project documentation, milestones, and other metrics that need to be tracked on a regular basis. Although the solution offers seamless integration with accounting packages such as Quickbooks and Xero for invoicing and billing customers; our team can configure it to integrate with any in-house software as well.

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Empower IT Solutions Cloud Project Management empowers company management by providing real-time visibility into the project metrics. With this solution; technology project-based organisations can maximise profits by; taking on the right number of projects and ensuring they are all delivered on-time. The Cloud Project Management Solution is based on Dynamics 365; a purpose-built technology that allows organisations; to start with what they need and add apps and modules as they grow. Overall the benefits of the Cloud Project Management Solution include:

Greater collaboration –The Cloud Project Management Solution serves as a collaboration platform where project managers, operational heads and/or business owners can interact with individual consultants and/or project teams. Additionally, this solution allows businesses to have project specific portals to interact with clients and implement changes with ease.

Prompt and informed decision making – Leadership team and key stakeholders receive operational data and project analytics on real-time basis allowing them to tackle bottlenecks and resource scarcity issues and take corrective measures and decisions before it can cause any damage to the company brand.

Optimising resource utilisation – The Cloud Project Management Solution comes with workflows to automate the resource allocation. Based on the availability of consultants and the overall budget; skilled resources can automatically be allotted to the project ensuring the right consultants are handling the project. An automated scheduling and allocation process ensures all the existing consultants are kept busy and their skills are utilised to the optimum levels.

Overall, the Cloud Project Management Solution delivers wide range of benefits for each and every member of your organisation including improving the speed of project delivery and reducing the time spent on scheduling and allocating resources; in addition to offering a collaborative work environment for project discussions and execution; whilst managing the projects across different locations with ease.


If you are a fast-paced organisation handling multiple projects simultaneously and would like to know more about the Empower IT Solutions Cloud Project Management; call us on: 1300 797 888.


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