Allow My Employees Mobility

The internet and smart phones have altered our lives forever. The way we: chat with friends, shop for goods and services, and interact with the world around us, has changed. With more connectivity, our personal lives and our work lives have become increasingly intertwined. Our human appetite for everything easier, faster, more convenient has started to make us feel time-poor.

The result is: a desire to be more productive with our time. To reduce unnecessary, boring or duplicated work. To implement transactions in real time. To be smarter and more agile. To complete work while in-office, out-of-office, in-the-field, or while in-transit.

In line with technological advancement, Empower IT helps businesses harness the power of integrated mobile solutions. We empower employees to work anytime, anywhere. We add the necessary freedom, flexibility and mobility to help organisations: improve customer service levels, increase real-time business transactions and establish a solid competitive advantage that will strengthen their business prospects.


By integrating varying devices, you can begin to mold your solution to the needs of your company. Whether it be integrating in with mobile phones, tablets, or simply remotely connecting to your desktop from any other desktop in the world, Empower IT has the right solution for your business.

Integrated Solutions
The mobile solutions you have the option of reaching out to are extensive. Whether you require a solution for rostering, scheduling, sales, document management, or anything of the sorts, we can cater a solution that will suit your needs. Our services can span from supporting your IT systems and enabling remote connections, through to customising software to suit your business needs.

Products and Services
Empower IT Solutions is a total technology partner. Which means we can assist in setting up solutions from rostering management software, through to services that include remote desktop connections. Contact us today for more information about what we could do for your business.


Mobile devices are being used for several key functions. These include but are not limited to communications between the mobile worker, the back office, front office, and customers, productivity applications, gathering information, or simply processing documentation for the customer.

Productivity and Efficiency
With the new ability to automate and have visibility across the field and back office come the added benefits of productivity and efficiency. However, simply implementing an automated scheduling and mobility solution is not enough. The real benefit comes from having one competitive and integrated solution for dispatchers, the mobile workforce, supervisors and managers.

The ability to work from anywhere has shown that with the right goals and parameters, staff perform significantly greater than if they were to work from one location every time. Empower your workforce and solidify employee morale by giving them a sense of flexibility, without the risk of losing out on productivity.