Cloud backup

Replicate, recover, restore and resuscitate. Proactive continuity and contingency planning

Cloud backup solutions or online backup/remote backup solutions, refer to:

  • data management,
  • data protection,
  • disaster recovery, and
  • business continuity services.

Cloud backups are the result of organisations actively copying all the data they have collected, created, used and/or manipulated, to a secure and remote location in the cloud for storage and safekeeping.

Cloud backups operate under a managed service agreement

With data collected, grouped, compressed, encrypted and transferred to offsite servers according to a predetermined schedule and fixed monthly fee. The commercial consequences of data loss are well documented and contributes to:

  • significant business downtime,
  • reduced staff productivity, and
  • unavoidable erosion of profits.

Australian businesses know they need to protect their data, they cannot operate without data and that data can be lost or destroyed. We help organisations plan for data loss or destruction.

For organisations that have valuable data

On-premise infrastructure

Even if you are not worried about theft, fire, water damage or natural disaster, on-premise data backup on PCs, servers and other fixed or mobile storage devices can be short-sighted and unwise. Hardware can and will fail – it’s only a matter of time. Your onsite data backups need to be complemented by an off-site solution, such as cloud backups.

Use disk/tape drives for data backups

Traditional methods of off-site backups are great, but they involve manual, labour-intensive processes. They rely on someone to remember to take periodic backups, remember which tape/disk to use, on what day or time, and require testing to ensure backups are working. On top of this, all your data becomes mobile and can attract risk of loss or damage in transit.

Have no data backup and recovery plan

It is the old adage: fail to plan and you plan to fail. The value of your data is derived from the amount of time, effort and money expended in collecting or developing it. Do not skimp on the final step, set up cloud backups and avoid becoming one of those desperate customers who say “I will pay anything, just retrieve my data” – after the data is lost forever.

Need secure encrypted remote data duplication

While the convenience and security of an automated cloud backup solution is self-evident, the encryption process goes a little unnoticed. There are many organisations required by law to ensure data is encrypted so that it is not exploited if it falls in the wrong hands. Unlike many other backup methods, cloud backups incorporate encryption as a standard feature so that compliance and security are assured.

Benefits of a cloud backup solution

Interruption-free easy deployment

Cloud Backup Solutions are hassle-free with Empower IT Solutions. We follow a structured, tried and tested, methodology to set up the necessary data storage and data transfer facilities, at a convenient time so that your business continues at regular pace – uninterrupted.

High quality, high security environment

We place a high priority on data storage infrastructure and data security. To put your mind at ease, we can ensure that your data backups use the latest in leading cloud technologies, including tier 3 (or higher) data centres for added performance, reliability, and security.

Reduced labour and financial savings

As automated and externally managed solutions, Cloud backups can free up internal IT/Business managers from the burden of backing up business data themselves. The time and effort saved can be reallocated to other tasks. Cloud backups also restructure costs from up-front capital expenditure to manageable, ongoing, operational fees.

Better data/disaster recovery time

Empower IT Solutions uses private cloud data backup and protection setups. This allows more control and flexibility in terms of data storage and retrieval. Under our cloud backup solution, data can be quickly retrieved and restored without being affected by slow internet connections or being at the mercy of a large public cloud data storage provider.

Hardware independence and scalability

Pass on the responsibility and liability for backup hardware to Empower IT Solutions. Never worry about tapes or disk drives again. Never go searching for space to house additional hardware. And never worry about hardware failures or redundancies. Best of all, only pay for what you need when you need it. Easily add or decrease storage with number of PC users or size of data accrued.

24/7 Monitoring and real time response to failed backups

Whereas with traditional methods, backups can fail and go undetected, an Empower IT Solutions cloud backup includes sophisticated monitoring software that notifies us of any faults or failures, ensuring that warning signs are seen early, any problems are rectified quickly and any potential data loss is limited to even less data than one could expect under traditional methods.