Software in the Cloud

Anytime Anywhere Access Storage & Activity

‘Software in the Cloud’, ‘Applications in the Cloud’, and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) are all phrases generally used to describe the same concept: software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely for clients on a periodic payment and subscription basis.

Essentially with software as a service, client organisations lease out readily available programs or systems that can be accessed over the internet (usually via web browser), in a manner that allows quick, convenient, scalable access without the need of additional on-site hardware or human resources.

If you are after a rapid software solution to facilitate essential business activity including daily administration, staff collaboration, sales and marketing tasks, then the cloud experts at Empower IT Solutions may be able to assist you. Ask us about CRM Online, Office365 and Sharepoint today!

Our Cloud Software Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
If you place any emphasis on your Sales, Marketing or Customer Service functions, then you can rely on Empower IT Solutions to help you with an online CRM system that can manage your inquiries, leads or opportunities, and improve your overall sales.

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Office365 & Sharepoint
If you value team work, data centralisation and information sharing, then Empower IT Solutions may be able to assist with you with Office365 and Sharepoint. Such services may involve combining Microsoft Office, Emails and Sharepoint elements related to file sharing and collaboration in order streamline data access, storage and utilisation.

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Custom CRM/Sharepoint Add-ons
If you already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, Office365 and Sharepoint, but need to add non-standard functionality to address the needs of particular departments or business units, Empower IT Solutions can plan and produce custom modules or software connectors. Ask us how you can automate or reduce duplication of repetitive tasks, how you can add real-time, self serve or on-demand qualities to business systems already operating in the cloud.

Benefits of Empower IT Cloud Software Solutions

Professional Fast Effective Deployment
We can setup and run your software in the cloud at a fraction of the time of on-premise deployments. Our in-house software engineers can also work on special configurations and customisations so you don’t have to alter your work processes, nor worry about finding a separate software consultant to make additions to your software. Our team of specialists take full responsibility, making your experience hassle-free and effective.

Cost Savings Reduce Obstacles to Entry
Our hosted/cloud software options can eliminate the need for upfront capital expenditure and make the software adoption and funding process easier to pitch or justify. A simple, pay per user – per month option, makes costs predictable and manageable. Coupled with fast deployment, break-even points and returns on investment are much more tangible because there is little delay in using and benefiting from new business software.

Extensive Training & User Acceptance
We wont leave you in the lurch. We wont disappear after setting up your software. We wont just direct you to online guides or how to blogs. We make it our mission to promote end-user adoption and acceptance. As such, our training sessions make use of intuitive and familiar software features to ensure that the learning curve remains low, the up-take is high and that confidence in the software is built on a foundation of understanding.

Added Flexibility For Active Businesses
All of our cloud solutions are designed to shoulder the burden of IT responsibility from our clients. Our core competencies involve absorbing, reducing and eliminating the complexities of managing IT systems. With our Software in the cloud services, our clients can focus more on their business, while we monitor and maintain up-time, upgrades and security. With our cloud software, clients have more freedom and opportunity to work anytime anywhere!