ConnX HR Solutions is a talent management solution that enables businesses to streamline and integrate their HR processes, access and manage their employee lifecycle, encourage staff with learning and development programmes and eliminate paper-based trails.   Most large organizations use Microsoft SharePoint for document sharing and team collaboration and ConnX for their Human Resource functions.

The lack of integration between ConnX HR Solutions and SharePoint means staff does not have access to correct documents within SharePoint. Updating ConnX and SharePoint separately can lead to record duplication, incorrect employee details in one of the systems and/or conflict of data that can be detrimental for a company and time-consuming to trace and fix.

Based on best-in-class Microsoft C# and .NET framework, Empower IT has used Microsoft Active Directory to achieve simple integration between ConnX HR Solutions and SharePoint.

Why do businesses need ConnX – SharePoint Integration?

ConnX HR Solution ensures employee engagement and management efficiency with round-the-clock access to organizational and employee data. It helps develop a powerful and efficient talent management plan to attract, develop and retain talent while reducing the hiring and training costs. This solution can be defined as a dedicated, multi-functional and highly flexible Human Resource Solution.

Microsoft SharePoint is a document sharing and team collaboration solution. The workflows for document sharing and access is often assigned based on the employee hierarchies; as such it is important for organizations to have an up-to-date employee-related data in SharePoint.

A simple integration is thus necessary between the two systems to ensure the accuracy of information in all systems and enable staff have the access to only the right type of information.

As ConnX and SharePoint are unable to communicate with each other directly; the team at Empower IT have developed an integration using Microsoft Active Directory.

The integration is a simple and straightforward process in terms of data integration, ConnX does not have the API that allows for a streamlined approach. Empower IT has developed the API necessary for an integrated data transfer approach.

ConnX updates all employee details directly into Active Directory on a daily basis (via the API). SharePoint will then run a ‘User Profile Synchronization’ programme that will pull all employee related data from Active Directory and modify use permissions according to the hierarchies.

Without the ConnX-SharePoint Integration, company employees may be granted access to data that is not meant for them. This violates the data privacy and security laws and businesses are likely to face litigation.

This integration is also important so that employees who have left the organisation no longer have access to company data.

In Australia, many companies have outsourced their IT services and it can be tedious to contact IT team for simple updates and changes; the ConnX –SharePoint Integration is very handy for such companies.

Large organisations who have a centralised IT team located in a different geographical location are also known to benefit from the ConnX-SharePoint Integration Connector.

If you using ConnX HR Solutions and would like to integrate it with Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 then call the Empower IT team now at 02 8030 8900 for an obligation free discussion or write to [email protected] (Ref: ConnX Integration)


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