“Cybercrime and IT Threats – What You Need to Know” is a new eBook by Empower IT Solutions that brings together the various type of risks and IT threats that could impact your business and eventually your reputation.

Australian business is booming than ever before and this boom is largely due to the power of the internet. While the Internet provides businesses with the option to streamline their work processes and reach out to global audience, it also makes businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Malware is still quite popular and the past year has seen a significant shift around new types of threats including remote shell attacks, encrypted infiltration and ransomware.

With new types of malicious codes being written the threat is increasing by the hour; making it critical for businesses to stay safe. You will not be able to safeguard your business unless you know the type of threat or how to identify it.

This eBook focuses on exposing the various ways in which a malware can enter your eco-system. Written for small and medium businesses, this eBook is a must-have for security professionals, business owners, IT administrators and everyone interested in learning about cybercrime and IT Threats.

Remember no security is 100% foolproof. If cyber-attackers want your data, then they will try to get it. Depending on how smart your technology and the security protocols, the time and effort ramp up exponentially.

Have the latest hardware and software, stay vigilant and create effective security policies to protect your business systems and your reputation. Don’t trust the mediocre, speak to the company that understand Australian businesses, their vulnerabilities and has been protecting Australian SMBs for more than 10 years now. Contact Empower IT to speak to one of their certified security professionals.


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