Notifiable Data Breach Scheme – Is Your Business Ready?

According to the new Notifiable Data Breach Scheme; all Australian organisations that trade in personal information and/or have an annual turnover of over $3 million; are required to notify the authorities and members of the public when a data breach occurs. 

Aimed at encouraging Australian businesses to beef up their cybersecurity policies and have proper measures to mitigate data security breach; non-compliance can result in a maximum penalty of $360,000 for individuals and up-to $1.8-million for organisations.

Don’t let a data security breach ruin your reputation, request Empower IT’ free data security risk assessment and get your business NDBS-ready.


Empower IT Solutions have been assisting Australian businesses safeguard their IT networks and prevent data security breaches. We help you re-evaluate your data management policies and develop a data breach response plan.

To enable your organisation is NDBS-ready; we are offering a free “Data Security Risk Assessment” for eligible Australian businesses.

The data security and risk assessment involves a thorough analysis of your current cybersecurity strategy followed by monitoring & testing of your business’ IT infrastructure and network-enabled assets; ensuring the business meets the NDBS reporting standards. Upon completion a detailed¬† report is provided; listing all the identified triggers that can lead to a security breach with appropriate measures to remediate these triggers. Additionally also assist organisations train and educate their employees about security best practices and provide tips to stay safe online.

If you want to:

  • prevent data security breaches
  • fix network vulnerabilities
  • monitor and protect sensitive company / customer information
  • safeguard your business’ reputation
  • take swift remedial action if and when compromised
  • and overall be NDBS-ready

then it is time to take advantage of our free data security risk assessment today. Fill in your details and one of our assessment specialists will call you to discuss further. Alternatively you can also call us on 1300 797 888.