This definition explains the meaning of SMiShing. Smishing, or SMS phishing, is the act of sending a fraudulent text message in an attempt to trick individuals into disclosing personal information. ‘SMiShers’ either attach malicious links to text messages or ask the target to call a phone number where vishing attempts are made.

SMiShing is a popular method of stealing personal information purely because of the sheer number of mobile phone users in the world. Text messages are often informal and abbreviated. Therefore, the chances of mistaking dangerous URLs for innocent links can be high. Banks also tend to notify and disseminate credit card transactions via text. It’s now much harder to tell the difference between a smishing attempt and the real thing.

Always be cautious of unsolicited text messages, especially from unknown numbers. Like vishing, if a bank SMS urges you to call a specific number, contact the bank using the number at the back of your credit card or bank statement.