Empower IT Solutions’ donor management and fundraising software has been designed to help organisations collect data, target fundraising efforts, manage donor information, process donations and generate detailed analytics. Tailored to match the specific needs of various non-profits, our solution helps organisations make sense of concealed trends so that they can streamline their campaigns and initiatives to reach the right audience.

Built on a platform used by industry-leading professionals (Microsoft Dynamics 365), our solution combines the centralisation of data, with the integration of major payment gateways, and detailed reporting and analytics to give users a comprehensive donor management solution characterised by accessibility; simplified donation processing; and improved fundraising outreach.

Who needs a Donor Management & Fundraising System?

Whether you are exclusively focused on fundraising or just looking to weave a charitable aspect into your everyday business operations, the Empower IT Solutions’ donor management and fundraising software can be of great assistance to your organisation.

Empower IT Solutions’ donor management and fundraising software is designed for not-for-profit organisations such as charities, philanthropic foundations, research foundations, church missionaries, and any other fundraising organisations established for the benefit of collective groups or communities. The software helps organisations with the challenges of fundraising, by facilitating donor data management, donation processing and in-house marketing research based on trends noticed during their fundraising activities.

This not-for-profit software is especially useful for organisations that: have a large (increasingly unmanageable) number of donor records, engage in regular fundraising activities and need to assess the success of such activities, have outdated or separate donation processing facilities, and struggle with paper-based or disjointed electronic filing systems.

Software Capabilities: Donor Management & Fundraising System

The donor management and fundraising system is capable of facilitating a number of vital functions:

Online Donations

Create targeted donation webpages, receive donations, configure automatic email receipts and allocate funds for specific causes.

Donor Relations

Build a reliable contact database, schedule and track communication and marketing activities, and send customised/automated emails.

Contributions Management

Manage and track both online (automated) and offline (manual) donations from one centralised location.

Systems Merging/Integration

Integrate with: major payment gateways and accounting applications (such as Dynamics NAV) to track donations and pay liabilities.


Generate pre-formatted and customised reports that can help determine trends and optimise any upcoming fundraising campaigns.

Business Benefits

Empower IT Solutions’ donor management and fundraising software is an easy-to-use application whether you want to create campaigns, manage donor relationships, and/or analyse company information to make better-informed business decisions, this software can help businesses to:

  • Increase donations by offering the donor audience a convenient (potentially personalised) way of accessing donation pages and making donations online 24/7.
  • Increase exposure through targeted campaigns, complete with the right messaging, constructed from the analytical insights provided by the software.
  • Improve productivity by combining registrations, volunteers, campaigns and donor data together.
  • Streamline operations organise campaigns and donor data, track and manage pledges, automate donation receipt emails.
  • Build donor relations that allow NFPs to track donor communications; helping build relations with existing donors as new ones are added to the database.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft NAV solutions and can be customised to integrate with other financial products as well.

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