Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a cloud-based application that helps businesses turn leads into customers. The app lets you track prospects, automate routine marketing processes, and set up campaigns for a variety of channels. It’s also loaded with marketing intelligence tools so you can make highly personalised customer experiences.

Marketing runs on a unified interface where you can track marketing performance across a multitude of devices. However, the features and benefits of Dynamics 365 for Marketing don’t end there.

Key features of Dynamics 365 for Marketing

1. Customer journeys

The customer journey is a roadmap detailing how someone discovers your company and finally becomes a paying customer. Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets you visualise these journeys so employees understand what they must do to convert leads. This feature also allows you to account for the different actions prospecting clients may take in response to your marketing initiatives. Key customer journey features include:

  • Journey builder – where you can use pre-designed templates and intuitive editing tools to map out customer journeys with ease
  • Event-driven automation – sets workflows (like sending follow-up emails) that are triggered on a certain schedule or by a particular client’s actions
  • Automated messages – remind staff of any outstanding tasks they need to do to move potential clients along the pipeline
  • In-depth analytics – give you insights into how people interacted with your marketing initiatives

2. Multichannel campaigns

Dynamics 365 for Marketing goes far beyond basic marketing solutions. It empowers you to reach prospects across various channels and drive conversions with professional-looking content. You can run high-volume email campaigns, deploy landing pages and surveys, and send branded SMS ads. There’s even a social media marketing component that enables you to manage your online presence over sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Customisable templates and drag-and-drop editing features make it easy to design content that looks great on all platforms and screen sizes. What’s more, you can evaluate campaign performance with built-in tools that track clicks, visits, comments, and shares.

3. Lead management

The marketing department’s main role is to identify high-quality sales prospects your business should pursue. Dynamics 365 for Marketing facilitates this with: 

  • Lead generation – discovers and attracts potential clients from landing pages, email campaigns, live events, and social media posts
  • Lead nurturing – instantly delivers relevant and timely messages and promotions based on the lead’s interactions with your marketing campaigns.
  • Lead scoring – evaluates the value of a potential client to the company by looking at their profile, industry sector, location, and interaction data (e.g., email clicks)
  • Lead prioritisation – ranks prospects based on who is likely to make a purchase
  • Lead insights – produce charts and widgets that track your largest lead sources and demographics

4. Event management

Webinars and live events are crucial marketing channels, but they’re often difficult to coordinate and execute correctly. To make events run smoothly, Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers a robust set of features:

  • Event planning – enables companies to arrange speakers, timetables, guest accommodation, venues, attendee passes, and sponsors for events
  • Webinar hosting –  to create online simulcasts that track attendance, engagements, and other important metrics
  • Self-service portals – for attendees to register to the event and find important details about speakers, venues, and schedules
  • Lead management integration – automatically converts active attendees into potential customers your marketing and sales staff can hone in on

5. Marketing insights

Dynamics 365 for Marketing features a centralised dashboard that gives you complete visibility into your marketing strategy. The app tracks everything, including campaign performance, past purchases, social media engagement, and emerging market trends. It also produces up-to-date charts that make it easy to digest archives of marketing information. For example, Dynamics 365 uses choropleth maps to display where most of your qualified leads reside.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 comes with a customer insight module. This produces detailed profiles to help you build meaningful connections with prospective clients. With all these insights at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create impactful campaigns that guarantee results.

If you’re looking for an enterprise marketing solution, Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the answer. Not only is it powered by cutting-edge features and analytics, but it’s also supported by leading managed services provider Empower IT Solutions. Call us today to enjoy all the benefits Dynamics 365 has to offer.