Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics 365 Operations is the ERP module of Dynamics 365. It is aimed at assisting businesses gain real-time operational insights and reduce costs. Organisations can expect to simplify their production floor and inventory management processes, accelerate product introductions, implement efficient cost collection process and deliver amazing customer experiences. 

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Operations


Dynamics 365 Operations allows businesses to reduce operational costs by automating their warehouse processes. This module provides warehouse managers with better control over their quality control and picking operations and equips them with a flexible workflow engine to respond to evolving business needs.


Freight reconciliation and transportation planning can be automated and simplified in Dynamics 365 Operations enabling manufacturing, retail and other distribution companies to have better visibility and control over their transportation budget.

Budget planning

Dynamics 365 Operations provides budget managers with tools to create budget plan worksheets templates, review existing plans and automatically add justifications and attachments to their plans making budgeting a seamless and efficient process.

POS system

Dynamics 365 Operations equips organisations with real-time inventory lookup, purchase planning and back-office capabilities all from a single location. The operations module provides sales associates access to the right information when they need it; enabling them to offer personalised customer service.

Demand forecasting

The operations module helps businesses create accurate demand forecasts maximising product availability and minimising inventory costs. The demand forecasting tool uses Dynamics 365 for Operations, Microsoft SQL Server forecasting algorithms and Excel visualisations to generate forecasts you can count on.


E-commerce businesses can provide better shopping experiences with integrated e-commerce and social media capabilities offered by Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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