Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enhance your business with Dynamics 365 customer engagement (CRM) software

Microsoft Dynamics CRM automates the management of the customer lifecycle and consolidates customer data into one place. Your data is easier to organise and manage, and automated workflows can streamline your processes and make your business more flexible and responsive. Empower IT Solutions employs software engineers to customise your CRM software according to your business needs. We can help with:

  • Setting up a CRM for the first time.
  • Replacing an existing CRM.
  • Optimising a current Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Our CRM implementation and CRM deployment services aim to maximise benefits and minimise downtime or disruption.

Capabilities of Dynamics CRM

CRM planning and prioritisation

The success or failure of your CRM is determined by the degree of pre-planning. Empower IT Solutions takes the time to understand your business operations and objectives. We get to know the various stakeholders in a business, their daily challenges, overall goals and software customisation required before embarking on a CRM journey.

Implementation and migration

Our scoping and discovery exercises establish and align your drivers for change with your required business outcomes. Our CRM implementation prioritises solutions and addresses critical business challenges. Part of the implementation process involves analysing and defining business data such as data location, data size, quality and type. Integration and migration implications are outlined, organised, and completed so that CRM implementations proceed with minimal business disruption.

Built-in training

As technology consultants and CRM experts, we consider it our mission to educate our clients about CRM and promote user adoption or acceptance. Dynamics CRM has a familiar look that makes navigation relatively intuitive or straightforward. We provide training sessions designed to lower the learning curve and enable more immediate, practical application of CRM features.


Empower IT Solutions strongly believes in the provision of end-to-end solutions. We will:

  • Plan, implement and configure your CRM.
  • Train your staff.
  • Get your systems up and running.

Our support team can remain on standby for further assistance. As your total technology partners, we will endeavour to complete post-service reviews to ensure our clients are happy and do not feel abandoned. Any CRM alterations, additional functionality adjustments or upgrade services can be made available upon request.

Why choose Empower IT Solutions?

Our team consists of IT technicians, software engineers, cloud architects and software developers capable of handling all your Microsoft CRM configurations, integration, or customisation in-house. Our interdisciplinary experts readily come together to exchange information and ideas so that you get the best cloud-based CRM solution possible.

Microsoft certification: Empower IT Solutions has a team of experienced and certified Microsoft technology specialists. As Microsoft partners, we have earned and maintained a reputation as subject matter experts. Our knowledge and experience with Dynamics CRM Online installations, implementations and configurations allow us to replicate past successes for new clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to productivity-boosting and business simplifying solutions and are confident that we can deliver a CRM system that exceeds expectations.

Cost-effective and return focused: Gain peace of mind knowing your CRM implementation projects is professionally managed. Our tested and proven methodologies ensure your Dynamics CRM implementation is a seamless process delivered on time and within budget.

No disruption to business operations: We support the notion of increasing employee efficiency and productivity and ensure that the CRM implementation will be a seamless and non-disruptive process. Our efficient planning methodology helps use phase the implementation process. Our CRM implementation will not cause downtime or disruption to your day-to-day business operations.

Benefits to your business

Stay focused on improving customer relationships with access to inbuilt tools to monitor team performance and productivity. CRM software provides your business with:

Easy access to customer data: Access to searchable databases to find the information you need during phone calls or meetings. Perfect for your sales and customer support teams.

Streamlined processes: Automate the workflows and processes associated with sales, marketing, and customer support. All teams will be on the same page and much more efficient.

Actionable insights: Customisable dashboards and reporting allow you to segment customers, track revenue and manage personalised campaigns.

Discover Microsoft Dynamics 365

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