Dynamics CRM Marketing FAQs

Can Microsoft CRM be used to access to external marketing databases?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM needs to be configured to allow access to external marketing databases to drive customer transactions. The integration can occur with any modern system that supports an API / Interface.

Can Microsoft CRM deliver targeted marketing based on data-analysis?

Complete data analaysis is available from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Marketing Analytics components include: Dashboards, Report Wizard, Standard Reports, Trend and Historical comparison capabilities.

Can Microsoft CRM integrate into our website presence to manage and support our marketing needs?

Integrating with the website can be achieved on different levels:

Level 1  sales enquiries capture:  Have the lead automatically created in the system from the website in addition to the email that gets sent out.

Level 2  customer support portal: the ability for the customer to go to on the portal and access knowledge base articles as well as make further enquiries about the existing kitchen.

and so on…

Does Microsoft CRM offer focused marketing distribution in multiple formats

Marketing Campaigns can be run from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with different channels:  phone calls, emails, faxes, mail-outs, SMS.

How can Microsoft CRM be used to measure marketing effectiveness and performance?

Perfomance management can be based on KPI’s and Goals. Examples of KPIs and Goals are:
-number of phone calls / sales activities per day
– number of service activities
– timesheets / work recorded
– time to get back to the customer from initial enquiry.

Looking at the Dynamics Marketing you can add the following functionality:
-Marketing resource management
-Multichannel campaigns
-Lead management and scoring
-Sales and marketing collaboration
-Social marketing
-Marketing intelligence

Managing Marketing Lists in Dynamics CRM

Key points covered in this video include the differences between static and dynamic lists, how to add members to a list and how to create quick campaigns.